Coe SpaceMaster Compact Coil Line Series

Compact Solutions for Space Constrained Applications

Coe SpaceMaster compact coil payout, straightening, and feeding lines are ideal for space constrained applications. The Coe SpaceMaster Compact Coil Line Series combines the three functions of unwinding, straightening, and feeding of coil stock into one machine. This compact arrangement provides programmable coil feeding with pilot release operation and saves valuable plant floor space.

Coe SpaceMaster

Coe SpaceMaster

The SpaceMaster components are rigidly mounted on a common machine base for maximum stability during the feeding process. The coil reel is driven by an AC inverter duty drive and motor. The combination feeder-straightener is driven by a closed loop digital servo drive and motor.

Coe Press Equipment offers a variety of roll diameters and widths in this product line. Three models are available:

  • Series 1 with 12", 16", 20" and 24" maximum coil widths, coil thicknesses to .125"
  • Series 2 with 12", 16", 20", 24", 32", 40" and 52" maximum coil widths, coil thicknesses to .187"
  • Series 3 with 16", 20", 24", 32", 40", 52", and 64" maximum coil widths, coil thicknesses to .250"

Standard Features

  • Motorized Coil Reel for Payoff
  • Hydraulic Mandrel Expansion to speed coil loading
  • Fail Safe Disk Brake for Clockspring Control to ensure safe coil handling
  • Material Width Scales on Mandrel Pads
  • Air Operated Coil Hold Down Arm
  • Motorized Endwheel for Coil Threading
  • Air Operated Coil Hold Up for Threading material into the feeder straightener
  • Dual Roll Upper Coil Guide Assembly
  • Electric Eye Type Loop Control
  • Variable Speed Pay-off Operations
  • Dual Roll Entrance Edge Guides
  • Single Roll Exit Edge Guides
  • 3 Roll Catenary Support Section
  • +/– 4” Passline Height Adjustment by screw jacks
  • 7 power driven Straightener Rolls – 4 over 3
  • Permanently Lubed and Sealed Bearings
  • Worm Gear Adjustment of Upper Rolls
  • Feed Rolls With #3 Matte Chrome Finish
  • Full Width Upper and Lower Feed Rolls
  • Yaskawa AC Servo Drive – Digital Control
  • Inverter Duty AC Variable Speed Drive
  • Desk Type Slant Top Control Enclosure
  • Centralized Controls for Reel and Feeder

SpaceMaster options include:

Coe Space Saver

Coe Space Saver

  • 460 Volt Step-down Transformer
  • 72” Maximum Coil O.D.
  • Hydraulic Traveling Coil Car
  • 80 FPM Maximum Linespeed
  • Mandrel Adapter Pads for 24” I.D.
  • Motorized Passline Height Adjustment
  • Increased Coil Weight Capacity to 30,000 lbs.

Coe Space Saver feed lines consisting of a servo feed and pull through straightener with a powered stock reel or coil cradle. These have similar space advantages of the SpaceMaster series but are often lower cost. Typically the pull through straightener/servo feed combination will not run as fast as the SpaceMaster lines nor does the straightener head open for piloting.