Komatsu Transfer Presses

Production Resources carries Komatsu servo-driven and mechanical transfer presses to 3500 tons. These transfer presses are ideal for large-capacity, just-in-time manufacturing applications. These presses can be fitted with Komatsu’s transfer system or another transfer of your choice such as Linear Transfer Automation.

Komatsu transfer presses feature blank feeding devices, precision crank and link slide motions, and wide suspension point spacing. The system is capable of running progressive or transfer, including deep-shaped parts.

Komatsu Transfer Press

Komatsu Transfer Press

Komatsu mechanical presses feature slide accuracy in microns, adjustable stroke for optimum thru-put, fully programmable slide velocity to control reverse loading without loss of energy, and dwell for multi-processes such as in–die tapping or part insertions.

Production Resources can supply you with a Komatsu transfer press that integrates into your existing press equipment.

Contact one of our transfer press experts to learn more how our Komatsu products can increase your production capabilities.


Servo Press Motion Comparison