Press Brake Guarding Safety Systems

LazerSafe and Protech Eagle Eye Light Curtains

PRI offers two types of light curtain presence sensing devices for press brake guarding. The LazerSafe device is designed for newer hydraulic press brakes with slow advance speeds and fast stopping times. It is particularly suited where short work pieces require operator’s hands to be in close proximity to the tooling.

Our Application Engineers can help you select a safety system that will work for your press brake.

Our technical resource note is also available to provide you additional information:
Press Brake Alternative Guarding Methods.

LazerSafe press brake guarding increases operator safety and power press productivity. Both the transmitter and receiver are mounted on the ram, allowing the operator to stay in close proximity to the machine while the power press is operational.

One Lazer beam is projected directly underneath the moving die (punch), a second beam is projected behind the punch. The beams are muted (bypassed) at the point the brake goes into the slow bend mode and remains muted until the top of the stroke.


LazerSafe Hydraulic Press Brakes Safeguarding System

LazerSafeSafeguarding System

LazerSafe Safeguarding System

  • Increases productivity by allowing tools to close at high speeds
  • Real-time failure detection monitoring
  • Easy LCD menu-driven programming
  • In compliance with ANSI/UL61496, UL508, and NFPA79-2002, Clause 11.3.4
  • Dual flat bands of continuous laser light detect obstructions as small as 4 mm while still being vibration tolerant
  • Automatically determined mute point
  • Comprehensive operator protection at close proximity to the point of operation
  • Mute point automatically determined, easily set and continuously monitored
  • Rear section of laser bands easily muted to ignore back gauge in "up-close" setups
  • Failure detection performed by real-time monitoring of the process under control
  • LazerSafe is within "Class I Laser Product" limits as defined in IEC 60825
  • TUV registered number 08/205/B1-PM01700


Protech Eagle Eye Press Brake Guarding Systems

Protech Press Brake Guarding Systems

Protech Press Brake Guarding Systems

The Protech Eagle Eye light curtain and control interface system is custom configured for friction clutch treadle operated press brakes, air clutch machines, and/or hydraulic press brakes. The light curtain has special programmable beam blank out features that make it suitable for box or tray forming applications or other operations where the part profile must interrupt the light curtain sensing field.
Control interfaces provide stroke stop operation where for close hand held work and muting to bypass the light curtain during the bending (non-hazardous) upstroke portion of the machine cycle. Top stop over run brake monitoring and control reliable electronics are standard.

Systems with motor controls and electronic brake monitoring are also available. The programmable beam blank out feature comes standard with tool memory and remembers bend steps and associated part profiles in step with CNC backgauges.

On site turnkey installations are available.


Restraint Systems for Press Brakes

Press Brake Holdout System

Press Brake Holdout System

Overhead press brake holdout/restraint systems are suitable to all types of press brakes whether hydraulic, air clutch, or mechanical. They are most commonly used on mechanical friction clutch treadle machines since the light curtain alternative on these machines tends to be complex and expensive.

The overhead holdout can accommodate one or two operators. The overhead frame secures wrist straps on rings which in turn connect to the operator wristlets. The straps are adjusted to prevent the operator(s) from reaching the point of operation yet allow some mobility left to right in front of the machine bed. Documented inspection is required at each die change, operator change, and shift change.