Shop Edge ERP Software

Production Resources represents Shop Edge in order to provide specialized enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to our metal stamping customers. Forward thinking metal stamping companies trust Shop Edge Software to empower their operations with an affordable ERP solution exclusively designed for their one industry. Shop Edge Software simplifies and coordinates metal stamping. Business processes are strengthened and long-term benefits are realized with an intuitive and easy to use solution that turns real-life metal stamping data into knowledge. Shop Edge Software helps more than 300 users across North America to streamline operations and improve efficiencies.


Shop Edge – Cost effective ERP Software for Metal Stampers

  • Reduce Excess Inventory Costs – Know how much you have and where your raw material, WIP, and finished goods are all the time.
  • Improve Your Scheduling – Respond quickly and accurately to changes in customer demand, material shortages, tooling, and equipment problems.
  • Purge expediting stress from your business!
  • Eliminate Multiple Data Sources For Your Decision Making – Enjoy the benefits of one true/accurate source of information including full featured accounting.
  • Own The Software License – Avoid exposing your company data on the internet!
  • Implement in 30 days.


Why Shop Edge?

What the "Power of One" can do for your business

Designed for One Industry

Focusing on only Metal Stamping drives an excellent fit for Metal Stampers and a streamlined ERP

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO); there are no multiple industry features or costs

Powerful Scheduling Engine

Production Scheduling is Optimized and dynamic; makes your shop more productive and more profitable

Easy to make changes on the fly and maintain Cost Control with decreased downtime

Integrated Tooling

Full coordination of both Tooling and Production Scheduling is optimal

Tooling status is easy to maintain and bottlenecks can be eliminated before they occur

Metal Stamping Supply Chain

Visibility to all materials and inventory, at every operational step, allows you to cut costs and maintain profitability

Production is not hampered by material and inventory shortages and you don’t need to build high levels of safety stock to maintain production

Shipping costs are curtailed and expediting orders is eliminated

Save time, labor and money when you have a clear picture of your supply chain at every work center

Powerful Business Intelligence

Metal Stamping decision support with specialized Ad Hoc reporting and a complete pre-defined library of Metal Stamping reports

One "End to End" System

Maximized performance with zero downtime or added issues and costs with 3rd party software packages. No integration or bolt-on systems are required

One Industry Implementation Practice

Serving one industry results in superior implementation performance and speed (30 days)

Quick Implementation that require less customer engagement and easy system switch over is what occurs when you have one industry to implement


Shop Edge Organic ERP for Metal Stamping Includes:

  • Advanced Proposals (Quoting)
  • Production Scheduling Engine & Inventory Automation
  • Advanced Shop Floor Visibility
  • Tooling & Maintenance with Advanced Tool Room Communication
  • Metal Stamping Supply Chain Management
  • Advanced Wireless Networking & Scanning
  • Advanced Material Requirements Planning
  • Integrated Barcode Printing & Design
  • Advanced Customer Relations Management with EDI
  • Advanced Wireless Networking & Scanning
  • Complete Integrated Financial System
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning
ShopEdge Module Overview

ShopEdge Module Overview

Much more detailed information is available including go-to-meeting personalized demonstrations and ROI calculations for your specific needs. Contact your PRI Application Engineer for more information.