Wintriss SmartPAC® 2

Wintriss SmartPAC 2

Wintriss SmartPAC 2

The Wintriss SmartPAC 2 is a modular multi-function press automation control with communication features that allow you to monitor your power press from a web browser.

With its large color screen, easy navigation, and superior communications capabilities, the SmartPac 2 provides the most advanced press automation controls on the market.

Multifunction Modular Press Automation Control

The Wintriss SmartPAC 2 is a modular press automation control that allows you to configure a system that meets your exact needs and expand as your requirements change. Features include programmable limit switching, brake monitoring, counting, die protection, clutch/brake control, tonnage monitoring/signature analysis, automated setup of counterbalance, and shutheight, and OSHA/ANSI compliant clutch/brake control.

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  • Saves settings for 200 tools
  • Control reliable Brake Monitor
  • Powerful counting capabilities, including stroke, parts, batch presets and total hits-on-a-tool
  • AutoSetPAC2 or 4 channel load monitor
  • Advanced WaveForm load monitoring available
  • DiProPAC 8, 16, 32, or 64 channel die protection control
  • ProCamPAC 8 or 16 channel programmable limit switch
  • ProPAC – Analog die sensing for in die quality monitoring
  • RamPAC – Shutheight control & counterbalance control
  • WPC – OSHA/ANSI compliant clutch/brake control
  • Password security allows you to protect your settings — individual settings or all settings
  • Scratchpad stores various items by tool number, such as the kind of material used, die location in the press, press speed, etc.
  • Large color display: 10.4″ diagonal
  • Enhanced Error/Event Log time stamped detailed information for 200 most recent errors/events
  • Easy firmware upgrades
  • Easy to upgrade from SmartPAC 1. All of your existing optional PAC modules, resolver, DSI, cam outputs, SFI, PACNet connections go directly into SmartPAC 2
  • Hot keys allow you to set favorite screens
  • ShopFloorConnect – press room production monitoring and scheduling
  • Info center – internet connectivity for remote monitoring
Wintriss SmartPAC 2 - Menus

Wintriss SmartPAC 2 – Menus