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COE Press Equipment New ServoMaster Touch™ Controls

Easy-to-use touchscreen interface with enhanced capability

Production Resources principal for heavy duty coil handling and feeding equipment, Coe Press Equipment, has introduced a new touch screen user interface for their servo feeds. This new interface is available on new feeds and as a retrofit. It is easier to use and provides increased functionality. Operators can quickly and easily set feed length, feed speed, and feed angle. Further it’s compatible with our Wintriss Controls SFI products to allow users a single point of entry for most press setups.



COE Press Equipment New ServoMaster Touch™ Controls

COE Press Equipment New ServoMaster Touch™ Controls

Sterling Heights, Mich., Aug. XX, 2011 – COE Press Equipment has announced its ServoMaster Touch™, its next generation controller featuring a user-friendly 5.7” VGA color touchscreen interface with customizable operator screens. New features of this controller include streamlined entry of machine set-up information and enhancements to the operator prompts, machine diagnostics, and serial communications to the press controls – all which contribute to easier use and faster setup.

Additional capabilities include production data reporting of feed cycles and material usage, and downloading of set-up data or job number selection. Its multi-axis capabilities include push-pull, zig-zag and tailout configurations. Auxiliary functions achievable through its Servo Feed Automation feature include motorized and encoded passline height control, tailout feed position, table position extension and edge guides, as well as feed roll pressure control.

Other features of the new ServoMaster Touch controller include:

  • Batch counter to 999,999 cycles with output
  • Remote job with hand-held pendant for threading
  • Continuous jog or jog-to position for threading
  • Downloading of set-up data or job number selection
  • “Feed Advisor” feature to optimize feed parameters
  • “On the Fly” feed length micro adjustment
  • 500-job memory storage
  • Inch or metric programming
  • Serial communications capability
  • Password protected job editing and parameters
  • English or Spanish language

The new ServoMaster Touch will be the standard on COE servo feed equipment and is also available for existing equipment upgrade and retrofit. COE Press Equipment designs and manufactures a complete line of premiere coil handling and servo roll feed equipment from stand-alone roll feeds, straighteners, reels, cradles and air feeds to complete integrated feed line systems including the heaviest and widest coil feeding systems available for the metal stamping industry today. The company supplies and services a wide variety of global markets and industries including automotive, appliance, lighting, metal processing, housewares, lawn and garden, contract stampers, tool and die builders, and many others.

COE Press Equipment’s New Alligator Peeler-Dekinker Station

Our principal supplier for heavy duty coil handling and feeding equipment, Coe Press Equipment Corporation, has introduced a new peeler/threader station for their powered stock straighteners. This new design is available on new powered straighteners and can be added or retrofitted to existing Coe powered straighteners.

COE Press Equipment's Alligator Peeler-Dekinker Station

COE Press Equipment's Alligator Peeler-Dekinker Station

“COE Press Equipment has developed a new Alligator Peeler-Dekinker Station for more efficient peeling and threading of a wide range of material thickness and widths. To meet the requirements of various applications, COE offers 3 different models of the Alligator Peeler with modular designs for both top and bottom payoff. This new design differs from standard Peeler Stations in that it doesn’t require a specific gap between the lower peeler and fixed dekinker blade in order to dekink the leading edge of the coil.

The Alligator Peeler has a two-axis peeler table with a telescoping blade to peel the leading edge of the coil. The upper dekinker table is mounted for independent or simultaneous operation with the peeler table. The dekinker table has a motorized threading roll to assist in pulling off the leading edge of the coil. Once the material is pinched between the upper threading roll and peeler table, the entire assembly is lowered to achieve effective dekinking. The Alligator Peeler is used in combination with a reel-mounted Hold Down and Motorized Endwheel for effective and safe threading of heavy gauge and high strength materials.”

Newsletter – Winter 2010

Dorner Introduces New 3200 Series iDrive Belted Conveyor

Our principal supplier of low profile conveyors has introduced a new model of their integrated drive conveyor with widths from 6” – 24” and lengths from 3’ – 12’

3200 Series iDrive Belted Conveyor

This space saving conveyor features an integral motor and drive and comes ready to run out of the box. It’s an addition of the space saving integrated drive technology started with their 2200 lighter capacity iDrive conveyor.

3200 Series iDrive Belted Conveyor

3200 Series iDrive Belted Conveyor

iDrive Belt Conveyor Features & Benefits

  • Internally mounted gear motor and control for space savings and tight work spaces
  • Reduced integration time required to mount and wire the total conveyor package
  • Ideal combination of conveyor and gear motor sizing for small parts handling
  • Indexing, variable speed and reversible for maximum application flexibility
  • Control switches conveniently located inside conveyor frame
  • V-guided belts for maintenance-free belt tracking
  • Maintenance-free brushless DC motor
  • Incorporates popular features of 3200 Series
    – Rack and pinion belt tensioning for fast and accurate adjustments
    – Built-in belt tension indicators for preventative maintenance
    – T-Slots for fast and simple mounting of automation components
  • Duty cycle: continuous rated

The iDrive technology represents the latest in conveyor innovation: integrating the motor, gearbox and motor controller all within the frame of the conveyor.

The 3200 Series iDrive conveyor is designed for heavier-duty industrial and automation applications. Its features a robust anodized aluminum frame with integral motor to carry larger loads, at faster speeds and is available in a variety of sizes. The conveyor also comes with indexing capabilities to handle more sophisticated conveying applications.

The 3200 Series iDrive comes with three control options, and is ready to use for quick integration into existing packaging, automation, and processing lines. Side controls allow operators to adjust speed and direction with ease, and an internal brushless DC motor is maintenance free.


Performance specifications of both the 2200 Series iDrive and 3200 Series iDrive conveyors:

2200 iDrive3200 iDrive
SpeedMax. WeightSpeedMax. Weight
50 FPM25 pounds80 FPM120 pounds
70 FMP12 pounds133 FPM69 pounds
171 FPM52 pounds
2200 iDrive3200 iDrive
3″ – 18″18″ – 8′6″ – 24″3′ – 12′


Both the 2200 and 3200 iDrive are available for fast 5 business day delivery.
Call Production Resources at 800-863-3164 for more information.