MPI Introduces M-1000 Hurricane Electric Shaker Conveyor

MPI Introduces the M-1000 Hurricane Electric Shaker Conveyor

MPI’s partner for supplying beltless magnetic and electric shaker conveyors has introduced a new larger capacity shaker conveyor the M-1000 Hurricane with 1,000 to 5,000 pound capacity. The beltless concept is far more durable that belted systems and requires much less maintenance with virtually no adjustment. This is a perfect solution for any metal stamper or metal handler who needs to move scrap over large distances.

MPI's M-1000 Hurricane

MPI's M-1000 Hurricane

Removal of scrap metal is a vital, constant and costly function faced by plant managers worldwide. MPI’s M-1000 Hurricane Electric Shaker Conveyor efficiently and automatically
moves scrap to conventional storage bins. Better scrap removal leads to improved employee safety and helps safeguard machinery.

The M-1000 Hurricane Electric Shaker is ideal for above and below ground scrap management systems. Simple in design, yet extremely rugged and tough, the Hurricane conveys anything from metal fines to the most twisted and typically destructive scrap pieces.

The M-1000 exclusive design allows for near silent operation and excellent scrap transfer speeds to keep up with even the most challenging scrap handling jobs. It boasts extremely reliable roller bearing and structural steel design:

M-1000 Hurricane Electric Shaker Conveyor

M-1000 Hurricane Electric Shaker Conveyor

  • requires little, if any, maintenance
  • eliminates nearly all downtime
  • less expensive to run as compared to pneumatic counterparts
  • uses minimal electricity
  • features 4” structural steel tubing support frame
  • performs reliably 24/7 even in the harshest production environment
  • tray capacities range from 1,000 to 5,000 lbs. (dependent on model)


M-1000 The Hurricane


MPI also offers smaller more compact electric shaker designs to remove scrap from under dies.


Call PRI at 800-863-3164 for more information.

MPI Builds World’s Longest Beltless Magnetic Conveyor

New MPI Beltless Magnetic Conveyor

Production Resources partner for supplying beltless magnetic and shaker conveyors has expanded their ability to manufacture large systems. These conveyors allow the transport of ferrous materials across a stainless steel bed with chain driven magnets running under the bed to provide motion. Conveyors are built to user specifications for a given range of parts sizes and weights. Information on the latest super size conveyor built by MPI follows:

MPI Builds World’s Longest Beltless Magnetic Conveyor
Same Length as Five U.S. Built Pick-up Trucks

MPI Builds World’s Longest Beltless Magnetic Conveyor - Same Length as Five U.S. Built Pick-up Trucks

MPI Builds World’s Longest Beltless Magnetic Conveyor – Same Length as Five U.S. Built Pick-up Trucks

Highland, MI (June 15, 2010) — Magnetic Products, Inc. (MPI) recently announced that it shipped what the company believes is the world’s longest Beltless Magnetic Conveyor to the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence, MO, operated by Alliant Techsystems (NYSE:ATK). MPI is a worldwide provider of both magnetic and nonmagnetic material handling solutions.

Traditionally, Beltless Magnetic Conveyors range in length from 3’ to 20’. ATK approached MPI with an unusual request. The plant’s new material handling line would require a conveyor that measured more than 90 feet -– the same length as five U.S.-made extended-cab pick-up trucks. While the dimensions of the proposed conveyor were daunting, the application also required that the equipment move unprecedented quantities of material per hour.

The conveyor is able to move ferrous metal objects by means of powerful permanent magnets located below a non-magnetic stainless steel slider bed. As the magnets move, objects travel along the conveyor and fall into a bin. Typical materials conveyed include metal, stampings, turnings, chips, fasteners and scrap. With no external moving components except for the drive motor assembly, the liquid-tight sealed conveyor housing can be completely submerged in machine reservoir tanks while the internal self-adjusting take-up system eliminates the need for maintenance.

For further information, contact Production Resources at 800-863-3164 or visit

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