BTM Sheet Metal Joining Systems

BTM’s Tog-L-Loc® (pronounced: tog-uhl-lŏk)

BTM Punch and Die

BTM Punch and Die

Tog-L-Loc® is a simple cold forming sheet metal joining “clinching” method using Tog-L-Loc tooling powered by an air, hydraulic, or similar pressing device. Whether joining plain, painted or coated sheet metal parts with BTM’s patented Tog-L-Loc® sheet metal joining system there are no fasteners, sparks, or fumes. The Tog-L-Loc® method is fast, economical and repeatable. The Tog-L-Loc joining technique is used worldwide to assemble automobile parts, appliances, steel furniture, sheet metal assemblies, and electronic housings. From simple tooling to high speed automation, BTM provides solutions for your sheet metal assembly requirements.

Tog-L-Loc® is a cold-forming clinch process which uses a special punch and die to form a strong interlocking joint within the metals themselves. The result of the process is a round, button shaped extrusion on the die side of the assembly, and a small cylindrical cavity on the punch side. The joint is comprised wholly of the sheet metals that were joined. No external fasteners or welding is utilized in the process.

BTM Joints

BTM Joints

  • Joins plain, coated, and dissimilar metals
  • No rivets, screws, or other fasteners
  • Eliminates spot welding operations
  • Long tool life: 300,000 joints common
  • Joins in a single press stroke
  • Non-destructive testing with a simple gage
  • Strong and highly fatigue resistant
  • Leakproof joints
  • No sparks, fumes or soot

BTM’s Lance-N-Loc® Joining System

Lance-N-Loc® produces clean, strong and consistent joints in most coated or uncoated metals. The joints are characterized by a “button” formed on the die side layer of metal and a recess formed in the punch side layer. The button is a good indicator of joint quality and therefore simplifies quality control. Two or more layers of metal typically ranging in thickness from .008″ (0.2mm) to .157″ (4.0mm) per sheet can be reliably joined in most cases.

BTM Air Toggle Presses

BTM Hydraulic Unit

BTM Hydraulic Unit

BTM’s Patented THIN Air Powered Toggle Presses produce high forces using shop air pressure. Compact and quick acting, toggle press models are available from 1 to 40 tons. Many mounting styles are available for machine building applications, including Equalizing models. Bench and floor press models are available for use with die sets or special tooling. These presses feature a fully enclosed mechanism, non-rotating ram, and BTM’s unique thin profile for close mounting.

BTM Air Over Oil and Hydraulic Presses

One of BTM’s most popular ways to make a Tog-L-Loc® joint is with BTM’s standard universal sheet metal joining machines. These freestanding presses are available in pneumatic and hydraulic versions. Both feature a single point tool for short production and prototyping that accommodates a large work envelope.

To see the Tog-L-Loc® clinching process in action, please view this video.


BTM Automation Clamping & Sheet Metal Joining

BTM Heavy Duty Adjustable Weld Clamps TPCA Series

Typical TPCA clamp

Heavy Duty Adjustable Weld Clamps
TPCA Series

Click here for more information on the TPCA Series.



Production Resources, Inc. Application Engineers can help you determine if the BTM clinching and metal joining process is suitable for your application. Tell us the type of materials you want to join and the metal thickness. Please include a description of the process and a part drawing.

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