Dorner FlexMove Conveyors Deliver the Flexibility, Productivity Your Operation Requires

Floor space is a valuable commodity in today’s manufacturing plants and warehousing operations. Facilities are constantly expected to do more in the same amount of space, with little choice in where or how to place equipment and machinery.

Conveyors can make or break a facility’s ability to put its space to optimal use. Old-style, bulky conveyors can hamper operations, while flexible, responsive systems can make everything better.

Here are four characteristics to look for when seeking the best conveyor for your operation:

  1. Flexible layout – the ability to maneuver in tight conditions around machinery to maximize floor space is important, as is the ability for the conveyor to go vertical.
  2. Increased production and capacity capabilities – the right conveyor system will boost your production capabilities, allowing you to reliably move more product in less time.
  3. Efficiency through automation – the conveyor that best suits your application will use automation to improve production speed, increase accuracy and free employees for other tasks.
  4. Ease of purchase, speed of installation – the best conveyor in the world won’t do you any good if the purchase process requires you to jump through too many hoops or if installation is complicated and time-consuming.

This may sound like a daunting list of qualifications, but there’s good news: Dorner’s FlexMove conveyors hit the mark in every instance. These conveyors not only accommodate tight corners but also can move product up and down with minimal space required. They’re also capable of twisting 360-degrees to transport products vertically in an extremely small footprint.

FlexMove conveyors also offer important advantages in boosting capacity and production capabilities, especially for small parts: they come with a 5/8” nose bar transfer to safely maneuver parts as small as 3” in diameter at speeds of up to 200 feet per minute.

Plus, FlexMove delivers the automation you need to allow your employees to use their time and energy for more complex, higher-priority tasks, improving efficiency and productivity.

And Dorner assembles and tests every FlexMove conveyor before breaking it down into sub-assemblies for shipment. This enables you to quickly and easily install your conveyor once it reaches your facility.

FlexMove truly is as flexible as its name implies. Aside from tight spaces and complex configurations, these conveyors are used for a wide range of other applications, such as:

  • Part handling and orientation
  • Transfers
  • Assembly automation
  • Machine conveyance
  • Elevation changes
  • Accumulation
  • Buffering

Best of all, Dorner’s FlexMove conveyors are suitable for a wide range of B2B and B2C markets, such as industrial automation, packaging, food, medical, life sciences, and health and beauty.

Contact Production Resources today for help in configuring the FlexMove conveyor that’s right for your application.

Swift Page Resources December 2018

PRI Swift Pages Header

Production Resources December 2018 News

Considering a new press automation control? The following application note by our Steve Connolly might be helpful.

Click here to read the application note

Production Resources Swift Pages Smart Pac Pro


The line was Designed and built to meet the Honda standards. Equipped with I-PRESS & Automaton Control based on an Omron hardware and software platform. Honda spec spiral staircase was designed and built at our press factory.

QDC Quick Die Change system with: Die Lifters and Upper and Lower Clamps.

Coil feed line of choice

Can we help you with a new press, feed line, or automation control?

PRI Swift Pages Sutherland 660 Ton Press

Production Resources is pleased to announce our distribution of Mark One Surface Preparation Systems.

Prepares Material for Paint, Coating and Forming Operations. Ideal for automotive exterior, appliance parts, or anywhere a premium finish is required.

Coil washers, Blank washers, and Programmable spray lubricators

Suitable for Processing Steel or Aluminum

PRI Swift Page Mark One Surface Prep 2



Die Protection Clinic and SmartPAC training classes

We’ve recently held Die Protection Clinics and participants reported they took away valuable ideas they could implement quickly. Contact Ben if you’d like to see a Die Protection clinic or SmartPAC training class held in your area.

Call or email Lloyd Pillsbury for more information:

615-948-9661 or

See informational articles on quick die change: Elements of QDC

Quick Die Change…One Factor in the part-to-part exchange equation

PRI Swift Page Pre-Roller Stand Model

PRI Equipment and Technical Information

Production Resources offers a wide variety of Automation, Safety, and Conveying Equipment. Visit our website to learn more. Our Application Engineers can help you select and implement the right equipment to increase your productivity safely!

Please take advantage of the information on our technical resources page: Technical Resources

Call Lloyd Pillsbury for more information: 615-948-9661

Web version here

Download a Print Version of our Swift Page Here

Swift Page Resources October 2018

Swift Page Resources October 2018 Header

Production Resources October 2018 News

Press Room Equipment Co., LLC Equipment

Production Resources is now distributing Press Room Equipment Co., LLC manufactures of a wide range of Coil Cradles, Coil Cradle/Straightener Combinations, Air Feeds, Servo Feeds, Stock Reels, and Pallet Decoilers. Combination Cradle/Straighteners:.
These machines are ideal for decoiling and straightening heavy gauge and high tensile coils. The machines feature heavy duty steel construction, self-centering crank adjustable center plates, hardened cradle rolls with heavy-duty bearings, and a variety of loop controls. Many safety and efficiency options are also available.

Die Protection Clinic

“Make die crashes a thing of the past”

One-Day Die Protection Clinic

Sponsored by Wintriss Controls & Production Resources

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Hilton Garden Inn – Perrysburg, OH

Clinic leader: Jim Finnerty, Nationally Recognized Die Protection Expert

$125 per attendee which includes Die Protection Handbook, continental breakfast, and lunch.
Get Clinic & Registration Details in PDF format

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Call or email Becky Parkey for reservations or questions 800-863-3164

Dorner Spare Parts Kits October Discount Opportunity

Having the right replacement parts on hand can make a big difference in OEE for your business. Avoid costly downtime with Dorner Parts Kits.

Ordering critical replacement parts for 2200 Series conveyors is faster and easier than ever before, thanks to new Parts Kits from Dorner.
These new Parts Kits help ensure you have the necessary key parts on hand for quick repairs to avoid costly downtime. The new Parts Kits for Dorner’s 2200Series conveyors come in two levels:

  • Level 1 includes a belt and drive tail kit
  • Level 2 includes a belt, idler tail kit and drive tail kit
    2200 Level 1 and Level 2 kits are available at a 15% discount through the end of October 2018. Call Becky at 800-863-3164 to get part #’s and prices.
    Use promo code SPKO to get your 15% discount

Call or email Becky Parkey to order parts 800-863-3164 or

PRI Replacement parts and Replacement Belts

Production Resources offers a wide variety of Automation, Safety, and

Conveying Equipment. Visit our to learn

more. Our Application Engineers can help you select and implement the right

equipment to increase your productivity safely!

Please take advantage of the information on our technical resources page.

See the most recent informational article A primer to QDC:


Download Swift Page Resources October 2018 PDF HERE

Swift Page Spring 2018 Dorner News from Production Resources

Dorner News from Production Resources

Dorner plans a price increase which will take effect January 3, 2018. The average increase will be 3%. Save some money by ordering your conveyors and parts now. 4100 series and 6200 series conveyors will be discontinued in March of 2018. Parts availability will continue for the foreseeable future. 2200 series conveyors are logical replacements for 4100 and 6200 series, your Application Engineer can help you with replacement selections. Contact customer service 800-863-3164 or e-mail for more information, quotes, or application assistance.

A variety of 2200 models shown below, others available 

Dorner 2200 Low Profile Belted and Modular Belt Conveyors


  • Small Part Transfers
  • Small Part Handling
  • Slug and Scrap Removal
  • Part/Package Infeed and Outfeed
  • Automated and Manual Assembly


  • Aluminum frame end drive, center drive, and IDrive (integral motor/drive) models
  • Belt widths 1.75″ to 24″
  • Lengths from 18″ to 30′
  • Loads to 150 pounds
  • Fixed and variable speed drives up to 250 fpm
  • T-Slots for simple accessory mounting
  • Mounting stands with easily positioned brackets
  • Sealed Ball Bearings

Click here for conveyor catalog

Two new Dorner products, 2200 SmartFlex Helix – compact spiral and helical curve, flexible chain conveyor. Spiral Chute – self clearing spiral chute gently lowers product from overhead conveyors, mezzanines, and platforms. Stair step design ensures products won’t get stuck, even when accumulated and is ideal for light weight packages.

PRI offers a variety of conveyors in addition to Dorner

  • Steel hinge belt
  • Magnetic belted and slider bed
  • Wire mesh
  • Shaker conveyors

Dorner Parts

For quick Dorner conveyor quotes, parts parts pricing, delivery or Application Assistance call us at 800-863-3164 or 615-371-3888, Fax 615-371-3282, or email –