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Transfer Press Coil Handling and Blank Feed Systems

Production Resources distributes Coe Press Equipment’s entire coil handling and feeding equipment line including their new transfer press coil feeding and blanking line. This system is an attractive alternative to purchasing blanks to supply a transfer press. The coil feeding system supplies material to an in line oscillating shear which can produce blanks of various shapes. The blanks are then conveyed and positioned to the transfer press. The line can be quickly adjusted to run coil stock only when the press is set up to run progressive tools.

Production Resources Application Engineers can help you design a system that best meets your pressroom needs. Request a quote today or contact us for more information about Coe feeders.

Coe Transfer Press Coil Handling and Blank Feed System

Coe Transfer Press Coil Handling and Blank Feed System


Multi-mode systems are superior to conventional systems in virtually every way:

  • Reducing your material costs by thousands of dollars every year.
  • Improving your quality control efforts (i.e. better flatness tolerances held).
  • Lowering your material handling requirements and costs.
  • Shortening cycle times and decreasing work in process.
  • Requiring less dunnage materials, labor and scrap.


COE Introduces “The Next Generation in Transfer Press Feed Systems”

This new “space saving” design fits within a 40′ line length requirement. It combines a compact coil line with an oscillating shear press and a blank destacker for processing blanks and coil strip in six unique modes:

  • square-cut without rotate
  • trapezoid-cut w/180° rotate
  • trapezoid-cut w/90° rotate
  • coil feeding partial progressive to transfer
  • coil feeding progressive die operations
  • developed shaped blanks by destacker


The Coe transfer coil to blank line consists of:

Motorized Coil Reel

  • Coil sizes up to 60,000 lbs at 72″ coil width
  • Payoff rate of up to 100 FPM* Heavy-duty welded construction with “bearing tube” mandrel support
  • Hydraulic traveling coil car for pre-staging coil changeovers
  • Standard features include: automatic coil centering via laser, clock spring guard, coil OD monitoring system via laser, coil hold down arm, adjustable hold down pressure, lower hold up arm for effective threading, powered coil guides, remote pendants for coil guides and coil car functions, and more.

Combination Feeder/Straightener

  • 4.0″ straightener with 6.3″ pinch rolls
  • Minimum material thickness to suit your application
  • Feeder performance: velocity to 160 fpm, acceleration to 18 FPSPS
  • Standard features include: motorized upper straightener rolls, 50HP AC servo drive, Trabon auto lube system, hands-free peeler/threader station, double row backups, outboard support sideplates for drive gearing, and more

Sesco Oscillating Shear Press

  • Can process 72″ width materials (from .040″ to .156″ thicknesses)
  • Blank widths: maximum- 72″, minimum- 14″
  • Blank lengths: maximum- 36″, minimum- 10″
  • Delivers straight-cut or trapezoid-cut (with either 180 and 90 deg rotate) blanks
  • One precision “bump die” set provided with shear press

Conveyor System

  • Conveyor sections have multiple lanes of interlocked belting
  • All conveyors are servo driven for accurate indexing
  • Magnetic traction strips included on each conveyor for blank control

Blank Destacker

  • Designed to process blank sizes from 78″ x 36″ to 18″ x 8″ * 15,000 lb. max. stack weight
  • Blank loader and two electrically-driven blank carts allow stack change without stopping the press
  • Laser switch detection of stack to maintain destack height
  • Double blank detector system

Automation Controls

Coe provides complete line integration including:

  • AB Control Logix PLC
  • AB Sercos Motion Controls
  • AB Panelview Operator MMI’s
  • Panelview 1000 Plus (main line control) and 700 Plus (feeder & reel control)

Other features include: ethernet, devicenet, automatic coil reel centering, destacker drives/controls, motorized and automatic setting of all machine axes

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