Low Profile Compact Conveyors

Production Resources specializes in a variety of conveyor systems, one of them is Low Profile Compact Conveyors.

These belted low profile conveyors are ideal for conveyance in tight constrained spaces. They minimize the distance from the top of conveyor belt to the bottom of the conveyor frame; typically ≥1.5” (low side profiles)

A variety of compact widths are available starting at .75” to 24”. Design minimizes the distance between the belt edge and conveyor frame.

Standard lengths from 1.5” to 30’ with fractional lengths available

Fixed and variable speed options with optional control features

Easy to install and maintain – V-guided belt tracking, quick tensioning, and quick belt change provisions.

Compact I-drives are available with motor driven pulley as well as gearmotor designs.

Applications include:

  • Small parts handling
  • Assembly
  • Under die scrap removal
  • Inspection including backlit conveyors
  • Automation
  • Precision move conveyors for indexing and timing applications
  • Conveyors for clean room and food handling applications

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