Eagle Press Mechanical Straight Side Presses

Eagle Press mechanical straight side presses include Link Motion, Crankshaft and Eccentric drive options.

Production Resources offers Eagle’s complete mechanical and link motion straight side stamping press lines for medium and high tonnage applications. Eagle Press products are available to Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama,  and Georgia.

For over 50 years, Eagle has been a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art mechanical stamping press lines. Eagle straight side presses feature press capacities up to 3500 tons, and are ideal for short or long stroke applications of various energy requirements. Eagle mechanical stamping press specifications are custom engineered to meet your pressroom’s unique characteristics.

Eagle straight side presses incorporate the latest mechanical press technology, including automatic counterbalancing, soft clutch and braking, hydraulic overloads, programmable cams, and variable speed drives.

Remember: Production Resources can also install die doors or light curtains, among a wide range of other components and accessories, at a reasonable cost. We go beyond simply providing a mechanical stamping press to design and implement a full press solution to meet your exacting specifications.

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Eagle SC Series Mechanical Straight Side Press

Eagle SC Series Mechanical Stamping Press

Eagle SC Series

Eagle SC mechanical straight side presses are ideal for low to medium tonnage ranges from 200 to 1000 tons. Gearing arrangements are dependent on bed size and energy requirements.

  • Single-geared, single-end drive for low energy demands
  • Double-geared, twin-end drive for medium energy demand

Eagle’s extensive mechanical stamping press manufacturing experience combined with Production Resources’ expert knowledge ensures you’ll get the right press or press system for your pressroom.



Eagle SE Series Eccentric Press

Eagle SE Series Eccentric Straight Side Press

Eagle SE Series

The Eagle SE (eccentric) press series is designed for medium and high tonnage applications requiring long strokes with high energy demands.

To meet high energy demands, the SE series is double-geared, with customizable two or four point suspension. The SE series presses range in capacity from 400 to 2500+ tons.





Eagle SEL Series Straight-Sided Eccentric Link Press

Eagle SEL Series Straight-Sided Eccentric Link PressDesigned for 200-3500+ tons capacity with automatic counterbalancing, and reduced sound levels, the SEL Series offers substantial reductions in the product development

cycle time and ensured reliability.

The SEL Series optimizes press productivity through higher press slide speeds during the nonworking portion of the press stroke, while maintaining a controlled, slower slide velocity through the working portion of the stroke.

The Eagle High Torque Servo Press Series

Eagle High Torque Servo PressThe Eagle High Torque Servo Press Series allows maximum Flexibility with Programmable stroke (pendulum), velocity and dwell profiles. 

This series utilizes high torque/low rpm servomotors. A 100% energy management system optimizes power consumption, minimizing energy costs.

Increased part quality and die life due to optimization of the forming process. In addition, every Eagle Servo Press utilizes ultra-high precision gears.




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