Kamco Rotary Limit Switches

Production Resources distributes and provides application assistance for electro-mechanical rotary limit switches (RLS) and electronic programmable limit switches (PLS). These devices are driven 1:1 with machinery via direct coupling, timing belt, or chain and sprocket. They allow precise adjustable timing of machine related electrically controlled devices such as solenoid valves, air cylinders, and relays. Rotary limit switches are often used as part of a mechanical power press clutch/brake control system to control system relays and functions such as automatic stroke carry up and top stop. Rotary limit switches are generally considered control reliable and suitable for use in an OSHA/ANSI compliant clutch/brake control system.

Rotary limit switches are an ergonomic advancement over conventional cam operated mechanical limit switches. The turn on point in rotational degrees and the dwell (number of degrees the switch remains actuated) is fully adjustable with a simple tool. Separate clearly marked timing discs are rotated to set the desired timing and are secured in position until adjusted by the user.
The Cam Switch should be mounted to the driving shaft of the machine in such a manner that the keyway is straight up (at the 0 degree point) and that the machine is at its start (home) point. All cam settings should be made with the shaft uppermost (looking at the unit from behind the snap switches). The shaft rotation is always established off of the right end of the unit, even if the left hand shaft is to be coupled to the machine’s driven shaft.

Units are available in many configurations and styles. The following is a list of the standard features that can be configured.

Enclosure Style
Nema 1 – General purpose enclosure
Nema 12– Oil tight and dust tight enclosure

Number of Cam Limits
Available up to 12 limits standard (8 limits when used in cam / resolver package)

Switch Type
SPDT 15Amp rated or DPDT 10Amp rated Switches

Shaft Location
D – Double Ended Shaft (standard)
R– Right Hand Shaft
L– Left Hand Shaft

Integral sensors, gear boxes, custom shaft styles, custom switch configurations, encoders, resolvers, spring loaded chain tensioners and chain break detectors

Kamco Rotary Limit Switches

Kamco Rotary Limit Switches

The electronic programmable limit switch versions are often used on power press applications to control feed advance, pilot release, air blow off, cam/cylinder timing, and stock lubrication systems. These devices feature quick, accurate, adjustable timing provisions with the ability to store jobs to memory. Devices with 4 to 32 outputs are available.


  • Precision Setting of Cam Angle/Duration
  • Standard Cam Settings from 4 – 356 Degrees
  • Speeds to 500 RPM (SPM) in either Direction
  • Rugged UL / CSA listed Snap
  • Single and double shaft models
  • Chain break detection
  • 4,6,8, and 12 circuit models
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