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• Specialty Servo Feeds

• Conveyor Safety

• Data Collection

• New Tech Information

Waddington Servo Feeds to handle special shapes

Need a servo feed to accurately feed or index special shaped material? Waddington makes custom feeds to handle formed shapes, u-channels, wire, round stock, and most anything else you need to feed. Send us a drawing or picture of your material.

Let us know the desired feed length, speed, and how you would present the material to the feed. Contact Lloyd Pillsbury for more information 615-948-9661 or

Waddington Servo Feeds


Minimize Conveyor Injury Risks with Safeguarding

ASME B20.1-2018 applies to the design, construction, installation, maintenance, inspection, and operation of conveyors and conveying systems in relation to hazards. OSHA has also issued its own standard 1926.555(s)(1), General Conveyor Safety Requirements. While conveyors are integral facets of the distribution and manufacturing process, they also pose the potential to cause serious injuries and sometimes even fatalities. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that over 40 workplace fatalities a year are the result of conveyor accidents, along with 9,000 injuries. While in motion, conveyor systems have inherent and obvious dangers. Belts continuously move at speeds up to 600 feet per minute or 10 feet per second. There are many pinch-points within their machinery, any of which could cause an injury to a worker. Common employee injuries incurred working with conveyors include arm and hand amputations, finger lacerations, burns, scrapes and broken bones. Even when employees are being careful, accidents can happen. It’s easy for loose clothing, jewelry or hair to get trapped in conveyor belts. If workers aren’t paying attention, they could get caught in the machine. Every conveyor belt injury is costly, affecting worker morale, availability of trained labor, lost production, and increased overhead due to insurance premiums, along with mountains of paperwork, lawsuits and possible fines from government regulatory agencies. Conveyor belt injuries account for nearly 25% of all workers’ compensation claims. Safeguarding conveyors protects employees from injuries, and companies from potential financial ruin. Safeguarding options include emergency stops, pull cords, safety rated limit switches, safety mats, guards, and presence sensing devices. Read entire blog article by Rockford safety equipment (click link below):

Minimize Conveyor Injury Risk

Read Rockford Safety Blog Here


Wintriss Shop Floor Connect Success Article
published by Advanced Manufacturing

Kalba Ilco in North Carolina employed Wintriss ShopFloorConnect to replace a manual paper reporting system with the objective of becoming more efficient paperless facility. The Shop Floor Connect system measures (OEE) overall equipmeent effectiveness. It collects uptime, downtime, reasons for downtime, production counts, then calculates OEE.. Data collection is automated, minimizing operator involvement and ensuring data is timely and accurate. ShopFloorConnect may be connected to stamping presses via Wintriss SmartPAC controls, Wintriss SMI 2 suitable for any machine, or many existing PLC’s.

Learn more about: ShopFloorConnect


Read the full data collection article by clicking blue button below

Wintriss Shop floor Connect Advanced Manufacturing

Read Data Collection article Here


New content on our Technical Resources Page. Lot’s of useful information on our Tech Resources Page, check it out!:

50 tips for better die protection

Selecting and implementing press automation controls


Coil Processing Equipment from Coe Press Equipment
available for Quick Delivery Servo Roll Feeds, Straighteners, and Reels

CPRF-S106 -.156″ thick x 6″ width
CPRF-S112, – .125″ thick x 12″ width
CPRF-S212 – .156″ thick x 12″ width
CPRF-324 – 156″ thick x 24″ width

CPPS-PO-250-12 powered straightener
CPPS-PO-250-18 powered straightener

4,000 pound x 12″ stock reel
6,000 pound x 18″ stock reel

Call or email Lloyd Pillsbury for complete specifications and pricing 615-948-9661 or

We’re ready to help you with all your pressroom equipment needs. We handle:

Eagle Presses – straightside mechanical and servo presss 400-3500 tons Linear Transfer Automation – servo driven transfer systems

Coe Press Equipment – servo feeds, straighteners, reels, and compact coil lines

Dorner Conveyors – low profile belted conveyors for part and scrap handling

Pax Products – shaker & slug removal conveyors – in die lubrication systems

Rapid Air – light & medium duty air/servo feeds, pallet decoilers, & straighteners

Waddington – high speed & specialty servo feeds, precision stock straighteners

Wintriss – Press automation & safety controls


256 Seaboard Ln
STE B-104
Franklin, TN 37067

Call Lloyd Pillsbury for more information: 615-948-9661

or email

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