Sutherland Mechanical Stamping Presses

Delivering world-class stamping presses since 1946, Sutherland Presses offer a large variety of press types and options:Sutherland_logo
  • Single and double point gap frame mechanical stamping presses
  • Single point straight side mechanical stamping presses
  • Double point straight sides in both unitized and tie rod models
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Forging presses

Sutherland’s legacy of innovation service, combined with Production Resources’ industry-leading expertise, ensures the right stamping press solution for your most demanding pressroom challenges.

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2018 Company Brochure

Servo-Driven Hydraulic Presses News Release

Production Resources offers a full range of Sutherland punch presses to meet your specific pressroom needs. All the power presses below offer the same features:

Clutch/brake control system

  • I-PRESS on Omron Platform with color touch screen (included) or Rockwell AB optional
  • Tonnage Monitor (optional)
  • Hanging Swivel MOS / Master Operation Station for operator convenience
  • 200 Job Memory Storage (expandable)
  • 12 Cams Programmable & Nameable
  • 16 Die Monitor Outputs Programmable & Nameable
  • Brake Monitor with Stopping Time Readout
  • Variable Speed Drive Programmable by Job


  • Robust fabricated stress relieved steel frames
  • Crankshafts are rated for 150% capacity
  • Motorized slide adjustment (66 ton & above) to facilitate quick die change
  • Six & Eight point full length slide guides
  • T-Slotted bolster & slide for die clamping


  • Ross safety lock out valve
  • Ross DM series DSV dual safety valve
  • Hi Torque combination clutch & brake for fast stopping times
  • Air counter balance cylinder for upper die weight
  • Flywheel brake for safe entry to die area


  • Hydraulic overload at 110% capacity to protect the press


  • IHI automatic grease lubrication
  • Recirculating Oil Systems (larger presses)

Sutherland Gap Frame Mechanical Stamping Press Series

Sutherland mechanical stamping press


Production Resources offers a complete line of mechanical air clutch gap frame stamping presses in single-point (from 35 to 330 tons) and two-point (from 88 to 330 tons) frame.






Sutherland HCP Single Point Straight Side Mechanical Stamping Press

Sutherland HCP Series single point straight side mechanical press

Available from 88 to 330 tons, the straight side design of the HCP Series mechanical stamping press is ideal for progressive die small bed applications.





Sutherland HDP and SP2 Double Point Straight Side

Sutherland HDP Series mechanical stamping press with a 121-1200 ton unitized or tie rod frame

Available in 121-1200 ton unitized and tie rod frame designs.









Sutherland EHW Series Double Point Straight Side Stamping Press

Sutherland EHW Series double point straight side mechanical pressThe super-duty eccentric plunger guided EHW Series is among the most heavy-duty presses available. This mechanical press features a sturdy, stable frame combined with an advanced drivetrain offering a back-to-front drive with an eccentric gear drive and double pitmans.







Click here for more information on Sutherland’s double point tie rod mechanical stamping presses.

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We offer a wide range of accessories to complement our Sutherland mechanical stamping press. You also may be interested in:

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