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New Wintriss Sensors

Distance settable reflective sensor Proximity sensor
Distance-Settable Reflective Sensor – Visible Light, 20 to 80 mm Sensing Distance – For detecting parts near a background Proximity Sensor for Non Ferrous Metals – Flat Package, 3 mm Range – Sensor Head Only
$195.00   $180.00

50 Tips for Better Die Protection

Tip #10 listed below as an example

Half feed for high speed

If the feed cycle is long enough, or the press runs fast enough, full feed won’t occur until after the critical angle.

If this happens, your full feed sensor needs to top stop the press to avoid sticking it on bottom.

Die damage can result…. But… Don’t stop there.
Install a sensor to detect the strip half way through the progression (or early enough to E-stop).

Dorner Retractable Tail Conveyor

A retractable conveyor, or retracting tail, is a conveyor frame with the ability to retract or extend, typically on slides or rails. The capability to retract, either manually or pneumatically, can improve system flexibility by adding functionality into your conveyor. There are a variety of applications for retractable conveyor tails.

Some of the major uses include:

Retractable tail YouTube video

Retractable tail

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Accra Wire – pallet decoilers

Coe Press Equipment Corp. – coil feeding and handling

Dorner – low profile conveyors

Green Valley – die carts & die racks

Linear Transfer Automation – transfer and destacking

MPI – electric shaker conveyors

Pascal – quick die change

Pax Products – conveyors and lubrication systems

Rapid Air – coil feeding and handling

Seyi Press – servo and conventional power presses

Wintriss Controls – automation and safety controls

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