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Wintriss Die Protection and Press Automation Equipment

Stop the Presses! ...  Before the Damage is Done.

The goal of die-protection measures is to ensure the presses stop before the dies are damaged. But how do you anticipate and stop line failures before they do their worst to your expensive dies? Below we'll look at 5 important die protection tips courtesy of Wintriss.

1. Choose Shielded Proximity Sensors

  • Shielded Proximity sensors can be flush mounted in metal; unshielded sensors cannot.
  • Shielded Sensors can be better protected.
  • Use Unshielded sensors only when you need extra range from a smaller sensor.
Graphic illustration of a shielded proximity sensor
Die-Protection Tip: Choose Shielded Proximity Sensors
(Image Courtesy of Wintriss)


2.Don't Use a Stand-alone Proximity Sensor for Hole Detection

  • Do not use a proximity sensor by itself to detect a hole.
  • Variation in the distance between the sensor and the strip can cause inconsistent detection.
Graphic illustration of a stan dalone proximity sensor
Die Protection tip: Don't use standalone proximity sensor for hole detection
(Image Courtesy of Wintriss)


3. Use Spring-load Proxes for Hole Detection

  • A proximity sensor in a spring-loaded bushing will keep the sensor-to-strip distance constant, and detection reliable.
Graphic illustration of a spring-load proxes
Die-Protection Tip: Use Spring-load Proxes for Hole Detection
(Image Courtesy of Wintriss)


4. Use Powerful Photosensors

The extra range (excess gain) of a powerful photosensor allows the sensor to “burn” through lube, scratches, and grime on the sensor lenses, which allows for more accurate detection.

Graphic illustration of in die photosensors
Die-Protection Tip: Use Powerful Photosensors (Image Courtesy of Wintriss)
  • The most popular through-beam photosensors used for die protection have a 7-meter (23’) range.
  • Typically, these are installed with the emitter and receiver less than 1 foot apart to utilize the excess gain.


5.  Make your own Apertures

  • Apertures make through-beam photosensors more precise.
  • Most applications require them.
  • Sensor companies sell aperture kits. However, by making your own, you can make them the exact size and shape that you need for your application.
  • See various aperture examples illustrated below.
Graphic illustration of different aperture examples
Die-Protection Tip: Make your own Apertures
(Image Courtesy of Wintriss)

For more useful die Protection Tips, check out this informational slideshow from Wintriss Controls

50 Tips For Better Die Protection


Protect Your Equipment with SmartPAC Die Protection Sensors from Wintriss

Proper implementation of die protection will prevent die crashes, allowing you to use your resources on business expansion instead of wasting them on avoidable repairs.

Gif of wintriss smartpac pro showing different screens
Wintriss SmartPAC PRO - Screens

The use of die protection and press automation control equipment will:

  • prevent die crashes
  • reduce downtime and improve OEE
  • reduce scrap
  • improve part quality
  • shorten setup time
  • allow better labor utilization
  • potentially allow an increase of press speeds
  • reduce press damage due to overloads

Our Wintriss die protection equipment and press automation controllers seamlessly integrate into your existing metal stamping operation. Wintriss DiPro 1500 and SmartPAC PRO use the latest in die protection technology, advanced tonnage monitors, OSHA/ANSI compliant clutch/brake controls, and Servo Feed Interfaces.  Die protection is compatible with a wide variety of electronic and probe style sensors.

Die protection and press automation have come a long way in recent years. Wintriss has led in press automation innovation with their product line of die protection, interface and connection hardware, and photoelectric and proximity sensor equipment. The Wintriss SmartPAC PRO, a fully integrated press automation control capable of monitoring 8, 16, 32, or 64 die protection sensors. It can also be configured to monitor tonnage, provide programmable limit switch outputs, control shut height, provide powerful counting capability, monitor press starting and stopping time, report pressroom production reports, and monitor analog sensors for die quality control.

Photo of wintriss dipro 1500 die protection and limit switch
Wintriss DiPro 1500 die protection and limit switch

New communication features allow users to view press performance on a web page and allow sending maintenance-related text messages directly to your cell phone.

The Wintriss DSI 2 Sensor interface & connection hardware eliminates the need for long coiled sensor cables, removing another potential avenue of press failure.

PRI offers all types of die protection sensors and interconnection devices. Wintriss photoelectric and inductive proximity sensors can be used to monitor short/long feed, part ejection, slugging and slug pulling, transfer, cylinder position, stock buckling, material run out, and any other static or cyclic die event. We distribute diffuse reflective, retro-reflective, through-beam photo-sensors, and photoelectric fork sensors as well as a wide variety of inductive proximity and electro-mechanical probe sensors. We also offer flat pack self-contained proximity sensors, precise enough to detect stripper position to within 0.001 in.

Interested in learning more? Click on an article below for additional information.


SmartPAC® PRO Press Control

The Wintriss SmartPAC PRO is a modular press automation control that can be configured to meet your exact needs including: die protection, load monitoring, programmable limit switching, OSHA compliant clutch/brake control, and more.

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Die Protection

The DiPro 1500 is a stand-alone die protection and programmable limit switch (PLS) system with an individual stop selection for each sensor. Allows “on-the-fly” adjustments and comes with 6 programmable sensor inputs.

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Die Protection Sensors and Connection Interfaces

Production Resources provides complete die protection sensor and sensor connectivity solutions designed to integrate into your Wintriss or other die protection control systems. We carry a full line of retro-reflective, diffuse reflective, through-beam, photoelectric fork, and inductive proximity sensors. We stock in die sensor connection boxes, cables, and SV-40 connectors compatible with Wintriss DSI2 sensor interfaces.

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Tonnage Monitors

The Wintriss AutoSet1500 series is a dependable, cost-effective, easy to use tonnage monitor. A few of the many features included are: 2 or 4-input monitoring, automatic set-point calculation, and display of actual tonnages, setpoints, and reverse load.

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