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Wintriss Autoset 1500 Tonnage Monitor

What is a Tonnage Monitoring System?

A tonnage monitor is like an insurance policy for your press. While die protection sensors protect only the die, a monitor helps protect the actual press, preventing major damage.

Wintriss tonnage/load monitors do more than just display and monitor press tonnage. They help prevent press overloading and associated damage, improve die set up and assist with quick die change, provide a backup to die protection, and provide information to optimize die grind scheduling.

Autoset 1500 Features

The Autoset 1500 provides high, low, and repeatability setpoints. Setpoint calculations are done automatically. If tonnage setpoints/limits are exceeded the press is signaled to top stop.

  • 2 or 4-input monitoring
  • Calculates set-points automatically, based on actual load, not press capacity
  • “Plus” models protect dies by detecting excessive stroke-to-stroke variation in tonnage
  • “Plus” models also allow you to view reverse “snap-through” load. If reverse load is too high, it can damage the press.
  • Improves setups by providing tonnage information to eliminate errors in shut-height adjustments
  • Displays actual tonnages and setpoints for all four corners (both sides for 1500) of the press via large digital indicators

Did you know the Wintriss SmartPAC® PRO also offers an advanced load monitoring option? Visit our SmartPAC PRO page to learn more. And be sure to contact us for the tonnage monitors your pressroom needs.

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Application Notes

For additional details on tonnage monitoring, review this informational slideshow from Wintriss Controls:

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