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What to Consider when Selecting and Implementing Press Automation Controls

The following questions should be fully considered to correctly select and implement press automation controls 1. What is the scope of the project? When selecting Press Automation Controls it is important to begin with the end in mind. What are the specific problems that need to be addressed? Does the existing clutch/brake control meet current […]

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Production Resources Helps Resolve Auto Supplier’s Scrap Handling Logjam

That’s just the problem one of our customers was having. This major Tier 1 automotive supplier operated more than 450 feet of underground steel belts to remove scrap from 13 presses. The system was supposed to convey scrap out of the building and into a scrap distribution system. But failing steel belts routinely jammed, creating […]

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Benefits of Dorner ERT (Edge Roller Technology) Conveyors

Benefits of Edge Roller Technology (ERT) 250 Conveyor ​Our precision edge roller pallet and tray handling conveyors provide efficient, non-contact zoning for medium & heavy load assembly automation applications. They feature a clean, open roller design and are ISO Class 4 approved for cleanrooms. Best For: Pallet & tray handling No & low back pressure […]

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Dorner Pallet Conveyor Systems Ideal for a Wide Range of Applications

Dorner’s pallet system conveyors offer important advantages over belt conveyors. These advantages are particularly important in manufacturing operations that require automated and manual assembly or handling of products like: Automotive components Medical devices Electronics Electrical parts Other applications include no- and low-back pressure accumulation, appliance manufacturing, tray and pallet handling, and cleanroom operations. Pallet conveyors […]

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Dorner Low Profile Conveyor for Small, Lightweight Applications

Dorner’s 1100 Series Conveyor provides a wide range of advantages, especially for tight factory floors and small, lightweight applications, like small parts, small stampings, pharmaceuticals, medical and life sciences. The 1100 Series is particularly well-suited for pharmaceutical/medical applications because of its FDA-approved belt and Clean Room 100 certification. The conveyor can be backlit for inspection […]

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Dorner Conveyor Application Features Product as Pallet

  When a customer needed to transport 80-pound battery cells glued inside painted steel module housings through its facility, Dorner Manufacturing Corp. had a solution. Aside from the heavy weight of the batteries, another complicating factor was the need for electrostatic dissipative timing belts due to the batteries being conveyed without using pallets. Dorner based […]

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Top 10 Die Protection Tips

Good die protection is essential to a successful stamping operation. The purpose of die protection is to stop the press before damage occurs. Here are 10 of the top tips to help you prevent die damage. Know the “critical angle”. The critical angle is the last point in the press cycle where an E-stop can stop the ram […]

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Add Functionality with a Dorner Retractable Conveyor

A retractable conveyor or retracting tail from Dorner Manufacturing Corp. can add valuable flexibility and functionality to your conveyor line. Applications include: Ejecting rejected or contaminated products Routing product into multiple lines Depositing products on a tray or another conveyor Deposited products can be either placed in a pattern or simply dropped. Multiple drop zones […]

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The Right Vacuum Belt Conveyor to Fit Your Needs

Vacuum belt conveyors provide a unique solution for a wide range of industries, including: Health care Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Metalworking No Fly-Aways Suction keeps the items on vacuum conveyor belts from lifting up and flying away. An internal vacuum pump that pulls air through perforations within the belt creates the seal. Vacuum conveyors are the perfect […]

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Dorner FlexMove Conveyors Deliver the Flexibility, Productivity Your Operation Requires

Floor space is a valuable commodity in today’s manufacturing plants and warehousing operations. Facilities are constantly expected to do more in the same amount of space, with little choice in where or how to place equipment and machinery. Conveyors can make or break a facility’s ability to put its space to optimal use. Old-style, bulky […]

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Dorner Accumulation Conveyors for Your Unique Needs

Your operations aren’t always one fluid, smooth-flowing process. Sometimes, there’s overflow to be dealt with. Other times, product needs to be buffered or lines merged. In those cases, Dorner Conveyors has you covered. Using low-friction belting, their accumulation conveyors are designed specifically for these instances and much more. Here’s a quick round-up of Dorner’s accumulation conveyor lines: […]

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Press Automation – A Systems Approach

Automating a metal stamping press line is all about increasing productivity, safely! Multiple factors are involved to achieve the desired objective: Shortening setup/changeover time Reducing downtime/maximizing uptime Allowing a single operator to tend multiple presses Increasing speed (spm) where possible Improving part quality Employing easy to use and effective safeguards The press itself is a […]

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