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Press Terminology

Unlocking the Press Room Code Every field has its secret language, and the press room is no exception. Understanding these terms is your key to confidently explore stamping presses, die-cutters, and other essential equipment for your press room. Whether you’re a seasoned buyer or just embarking on your search, PRI's application engineers have curated the […]

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Press Calculations: Definitions & Formulas

Definitions Tonnage The force that the press is designed to exert against the work piece in the die. The tonnage rating is specified at a distance above the bottom of the stroke of the slide, which is the rated capacity of the machine. In most cases, mechanical non-geared presses of less than 45 tons capacity […]

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Technical Resources & References Guides

This section includes technical product, application, and safety information you may find useful. The product manuals section is updated periodically and manuals listed may not be the latest versions but should be representative and suitable for selection of spare parts. You may call our customer service department at 800-863-3164 if you need a more current […]

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Loop Control Concepts: Slack Loops

Purpose: Material storage to supply the feed while the unwinder /decoiler/straightener accelerates to line speed. To absorb and store material while the unwinder decelerates after the feed stops; storage requirement is based on speed and feed length-vs.-acceleration rate of the unwinder. The amount of material stored is equal to the total slack length minus the […]

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Safety & OSHA Compliance Information

OSHA Safety, Injury Risk Avoidance, Inspection, Compliance, Guidelines, Safety Calculators, Lockout-Tagout and other related Safety Forms Minimize Conveyor Injury Risks with Safeguarding – courtesy of Rockford Safety Equipment Productivity, Safety, and Ergonomic Considerations for Hand-fed Presses  Press Inspection Forms PDF  Press Inspection FORMS XLS   Are Your Press Brakes Safe?   Application Note: Is It […]

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Resource PDFs

 MPI Metal Stamping and Scrap Handling - Courtesy of MPI  Double Sheet Detection Explained – courtesy of Prime Controls  Successful Press Installations: a Newsletters from Vibro Dynamics – courtesy of Vibro/Dynamics  Press Maintenance Advice Hydraulic Overload 101 – courtesy of Sutherland Presses  Use of Hydraulic Shock Dampers to Arrest the Reverse Load of Blanking in Presses  Press Maintenance Tip - ACB […]

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Smart PAC user Tips

New Features for SmartPAC PRO   Wintriss: 50 Tips for Better Die Protection   PRI's Top 10 Die Protection Tips Smart PAC PRO Presentation Die protection Sensor Disable Modes (Rev A) Wintriss: 50 Tips for Better Die Protection Wintriss SmartPAC Brake Monitor Capabilities Wintriss SmartPAC2 Application Note: Advantages of Advanced Load Monitoring Wintriss SmartPAC2 Application […]

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Application Notes

   Press Automation – A Systems Approach    QDC Elements – a primer Elements of QDC  Quick Die Change…One Factor in the part-to-part exchange equation  Wintriss Application Note: Using the Wintriss Tonnage Monitor Repeatability Function  What to consider when selecting and implementing Press Automation Controls   MPI shaker conveyor helps reduce costly scrap jams and downtime

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