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PRI offers a menu of services to complement our complete line of press room equipment. Our Application Engineers can help you determine what equipment you need and how to implement it safely in compliance with OSHA and ANSI standards.

OSHA Compliance Surveys

  • Power Press and Press Brake safety inspections¬†to determine OSHA/ANSI compliance and determine what corrections are required.
  • Our inspection checks for compliance with OSHA 1910.217 and ANSI B11.1 with specific emphasis on point of operation guarding and control reliability.
  • We typically provide this service on a complimentary basis to our customers located in: PA, OH, WV, KY, TN, MS, and AL. Service is available in other locations on a consultative fee basis.

Machine and perimeter guarding analysis.

  • We can recommend cost effective and productive solutions for area guarding problems such as robotic work cells and coil feeding lines.

Stop time measurements

  • Establish safe distance for two hand controls and presence sensing devices. We measure actual machine stop time then calculate safety distance using OSHA and or ANSI formulas.

Risk analysis

  • Machine inspection to identify various risks/exposures, identify injury potential, exposure frequency, identify risk category, and potential risk mitigation per ANSI B11.TR3-standards.

Application Assistance & Installation

  • Press automation controls
  • Safeguards and Safety Devices
  • Power Press Clutch/brake controls
  • Light curtains
  • Conveyors
  • Quick die change
  • In die lubrication
  • Coil handling and feeding systems
  • Shock dampers
  • Die Protection Sensors & Systems
  • Foundations
  • Mezzanines

Die Protection Sensor and System Selection

Die protection system and sensor recommendations for part ejection, short/long feeds, slug detection, station to station transfer, blank in place, cylinder position, stripper position, and in die measurement for quality control.


Dynamic load cell calibration for 2 point and 4 point machines. Load cell capacity of 100 tons, 250 tons, and 500 tons allow calibration of machines to 2,000 tons.

In-Plant Technical Seminars

Production Resources offers technical seminars on a number of topics at various locations throughout the year. Additionally we can arrange custom in plant training seminars to meet your specific needs. Seminar topics include but are not limited to:

  • Die protection concepts, and applications
  • In die quality control
  • In die lubrication
  • Scrap removal concepts
  • Planning and implementing a quick die change program
  • Selecting the right coil handling and feeding system
  • Understanding tonnage and energy in mechanical power presses
  • Servo press technology

Spare and Repair Parts for

  • Colt Press Equipment
  • Dorner conveyors
  • Pax Products lube systems and conveyors
  • Rapid Air Feeds
  • Wintriss Controls
  • Shadow light curtains

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