About Production Resources Inc.

PRI is a specialized distributor of metal stamping, conveying, and press safety equipment. For over 34 years, PRI has helped manufacturing companies become more competitive in the stamping industry. We provide pressroom products, application engineering, installation, and training services that improve manufacturing processes. If you have metal stamping, forming, or fabricating processes we can help you make it work more efficiently.

Production Resources Inc

We specialize in:

  • Coil handling equipment: cradles, reels, pallet decoilers, & straighteners
  • Coil feeding equipment: servo roll feeds and air feeds
  • Press automation controls: die protection, sensors, sensor connections/interfaces, tonnage monitors, programmable limit switches, shut height controls & in die quality control
  • Quick die change systems: hydraulic clamping, die lifters, bolster extensions, die carts, and storage racks
  • Conveyors: low profile belted, cleated, steel hinge belt, shakers, and stainless steel sanitary
  • In die lubrication systems
  • Press safety equipment: OSHA/ANSI compliant press controls, light curtains, safety mats, area guarding scanners, barrier guards, pullouts, and hand feeding tools
  • Mechanical, hydraulic, servo, and transfer presses 2-3,500 Tons
  • Air and hydraulic clutch/brakes for presses, 4- slides, and tube cut off machines
  • Servo in die and press to press transfer systems

Our application engineers provide on-site technical consultations for customers in the Mid Atlantic, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia regions. PRI is committed to increasing your pressroom productivity and reducing your operating costs by providing you with the right power press equipment for the right job. Please feel free to contact your area representative directly, or give us a call at 1-800-863-3164.

Production Resources – Main Office

256 Seaboard Lane Ste. B-104
Franklin, Tennesee 37067
Phone: 800-863-3164
Fax: 815-371-3282

Application Engineers 

Steve Connolly
Application Engineer
Phone: 216-559-1464
Fax: 440-734-1585
Email: sconnolly@pri-mailbox.com
Location: Westlake, OH
Territory: Northern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia

Chris Jones – Vice President
Phone: 615-714-1000
Fax: 615-371-3282
Email: sea-jay@pri-mailbox.com
Location: Nashville, TN
Territory: Central Tennessee, Florida, Southern Ohio, and Central and Eastern Kentucky

Mark Creswell
Application Engineer
Phone: 615-507-5026
Fax: 615-371-3282
Email: mark@pri-mailbox.com
Location: Brentwood, TN
Territory: Southwest KY, West TN, AL & MS

Jake Jones
Application Engineer
Phone: 615-712-4100
Fax: 615-371-3282
Email: jake@pri-mailbox.com
Territory: East TN and GA

Customer Service

Heather Solima
Phone: 800-863-3164
Fax: 615-371-3282
Email: heather@pri-mailbox.com


Angela Shelton
Phone: 800-863-3164
Fax: 615-371-3282
Email: jake@pri-mailbox.com
Territory: East TN and GA

Lloyd Pillsbury
Phone: 800-863-3164
Fax: 615-371-3282
Email: lcp@pri-mailbox.com
Territory: East TN and GA

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