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  • Mechanical Straight Sided – 300T to 3500T for Transfer, Prog die, Tandem and Tryout
  • Hydraulic Presses 300T to 10,000 T for a wide range of applications
  • Unitised Frame Mechanical Presses, MAX Plus 200T to 630T
  • Gap Frame Presses “Rhino by Eagle” 80T to 250T

BENCHMASTER – Light tonnage bench presses

COLT AUTOMATION – Production and squaring shears


  • Builds complete coil Feed Line solutions, processing a variety of materials from AHSS to Aluminum (and everything in between)
  • Coil Widths: 6″ to 84″
  • Coil Weights: from 1,000 lbs. to 80,000 lbs

RAPID AIR – Light and medium duty air and servo feeds

PRE- PRESS ROOM EQUIPMENT—Affordable air and servo feed lines


GREEN VALLEY – Die carts, Die racks, Bolster extensions, T-tables, Die handlers, & Pneumatic die lifters

PASCAL – Hydraulic clamps, die lifters, bolster extensions.

OPTIMA – Mechanical & hydraulic clamps, die transfer systems

COLT AUTOMATION– Feeds, Reels, Straighteners, Cradles, Cut to length lines

RAPID AIR – Reels, Straighteners, Pallet decoilers

ACCRA WIRE – Heavy duty pallet decoilers

PRESS ROOM EQUIPMENT– Value priced reels, straighteners, cradles & choppers

CALDWELL – Coil hooks, lifters, & upenders

COIL-TEK – Ultra-Sonic loop controls & rewind systems

SYRON/NORGREN- Transfer fingers, Sensors, & Suction cups

BACHHUBER – Mechanical & servo press unloaders

LINEAR TRANSFER AUTOMATION—In die servo and press to press programmable transfer systems, destackers, automation


MARK ONE—Surface preparation systems: blank/coil washers, programmable spray lubrication systems

PAX PRODUCTS—Die washing systems

W-TECHNOLOGIES - Prevent snap-thru and reverse shock loads

VIBRO DYNAMICS – Press mounts

UNISORB – General purpose machinery mounts


WINTRISS – Clutch/brake controls

LINEAR - PLC control upgrades for both mechanical and hydraulic presses with full integration & installation

ROCKFORD SAFETY- Laser scanners for area safeguarding

MILLEREDGE – Pressure sensitive safety mats

PROTECH – Press brake guarding; die safety blocks

WIRECRAFTERS – Woven & welded wire perimeter guards

LAZERSAFE- Safeguarding for hydraulic press brakes

PAX DIE DOORS - Safeguards and lubricant containment

LINEAR turnkey automation project & systems integration

PAX – Airless and roller coater stock lubrication systems. Filter and exhaust systems

SHOP FLOOR CONNECT – software & machine interfaces to collect production, setup, downtime & overall equipment effectiveness information from production machinery

WINTRISS – SmartPAC Pro Press Automation Controls

AutoSET 1500 – Tonnage Monitors

RAMPAC – Shut height and counterbalance controls

ProPAC – In-Die measurement quality control system

DiPRO 1500 – Die protection systems

LINEAR —Mechanical & hydraulic PLC press controls

HTM SENSORS—Die protection sensors - digital & analog proximity & optical

PRIME CONTROLS—Double sheet detection

SYRON/NORGREN – Thread detection systems

PAX – Low profile slug, part and scrap conveyors. Drum motor and oscillating (EGD shaker conveyors)

NEW LONDON – Steel hinge & wire mesh belt conveyors

DORNER – Low profile belted conveying systems. LPZ adjustable angle conveyors

MPI – Beltless shaker slug conveyors, magnetic slider bed, and magnetic belted conveyors

SOUTHWORTH– Lift tables, upenders, turntables, container tilters, stackers, & pallet handling equipment

CALDWELL—Coil hooks, web & wire mesh below hook lifters, vacuum lifters, booms, and beams

DELTA INDUSTRIAL— Foundations, press pits, coil loop pits, steel mezzanines, concrete flat work, machinery installations

• Turnkey installations
• In plant training seminars
• Die protection consultation

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