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Material Handling Equipment

Production Resources distributes a complete line of material handling equipment complementary to our full line of conveyors and die handling equipment. Our Application Engineers can help you select equipment to lift, transport, position, rotate, and dispense material or equipment as your manufacturing process requires.

Whether you’re handling materials on pallets, working with parts in containers, transporting loads or loading and storing metal coils – we can help you find a method to make the job faster, safer, and easier. We distribute material, coil, and die handling products by Southworth, Caldwell, Green Valley, and Hansford.


Lift Tables

Powered and non powered stationary and mobile scissor lift versions. Standard top, rotatable tops, and tilting tops available as well as stainless steel construction. We can make a lift table to suit your exact physical size and lift capacity requirements.

Photo of portable lift table
Portable lift table

Container Tilters

Accessing parts in containers is one of the most significant productivity thieves in any manufacturing or assembly operation. Southworth container tilters improve productivity and safety by positioning baskets so that parts are easily accessible without bending, stretching, or reaching.

Container tilter
Container tilter


Powered and manual in a variety of sizes and capacities to suit your particular needs.

Stackers and Pallet Handling Equipment

Southworth manual stackers feature a rugged,ergonomic design. They are extremely simple to use, highly maneuverable and available in capacities up to 3,000 lbs. with lifting heights up to 80″. Lift is achieved by simply pressing a push button that is integrated into the comfort grip handle. A convenient battery indicator gives charge status at a glance. The integral battery charger makes recharging a breeze.


Coil Upenders

Green Valley Coil Upenders allow the user to upend palletized (coil eye to the sky) metal coils to a coil cart in a safe manner. The load deck rotates 90 degrees to invert the coil to (eye to the wall) so it’s ready for loading to a coil reel mandrel via a coil car or other handling device. Upenders are available in a variety of capacities up to 50,000 pounds and coil diameters up to 84″.

Coil upender
Coil upender

Coil Transporters

Coil transports allow movement of metal coils to and from coil storage to stock reels (decoilers) ready for positioning on the stock reel mandrel. These transporters are suited where movement of coils by overhead cranes is not practical.

Coil transporter
Coil transporter

Jib Cranes

Green Valley jib cranes are often used to load metal coils on coil reels (decoilers) when the coil is skid mounted and transported by forktruck. The jib crane is located at coil payout device and allows an operator to use a coil hook to lift the coil from a pallet and manipulate it on to a reel mandrel or nest of a coil cradle. Jib cranes can also be used to position other loads to work station positions where overhead cranes and or use of fork trucks is unsafe or impractical. Green Valley jib cranes are made to the customers application requirements.

Jib crane
Jib crane

Coil Lifters, Slings, And Hooks

Production Resources distributes the Caldwell line of coil handling devices. Production Resources Application Engineers can help you select from multiple device designs to lift, manipulate and reposition coils, either with the coil “eye” in the vertical or horizontal position. Economical “C” Hooks require aisle space to equal the length of the arm. Two sided lifters require aisle space to equal the length of the foot. Motorized units for efficient handling of a large volume of coils. Mill Duty designs available.

Coil Hooks Product Features:

  • Handles narrow coils with less coil edge damage.
  • More durable than web slings.
  • Lightweight for easier handling.
  • Built in guide handle for ease of coil positioning.
  • Available with optional curved coil saddle.
  • Inside radius on hooks avoid coil edge contact.
  • Complies with ASME standards
Coil hook
Coil hook

Wire Mesh and Web Slings

Widely used in metalworking machine shops and other industries where loads are abrasive, hot or have sharp edges, such as bar stock or plate steel. Mesh slings grip the load firmly without stretching, and the sling width greatly enhances load balancing.

Product Features:

  • Resists abrasion and cutting for greater sling life.
  • Low stretch and good flexibility reduce load damage.
  • Wide bearing area distributes load to help avoid load damage.
  • Alloy steel end fittings – plated for long life.
  • Wire mesh is zinc plated – resists corrosion.
  • Each sling permanently stamped with capacity and serial number.
  • Each sling proof tested and certified.
  • Width of mesh helps control and balance load.
  • Repairable – thus very cost effective.
Wire mesh sling
Wire mesh sling

Die Splitters/Handlers by Green Valley and Hansford

In addition to our complete line of quick die change equipment and die carts, Production Resources handles Hansford die splitters for the tool room. Dies pulled from storage are usually separated and the punches, dies, and strippers are inspected before the die set is put in use. If a die set has been in storage for several months, it may need relubrication. A die handler helps make die set inspection a fast and safe one-man operation.

Hansford die handlers are intended to facilitate rapid and safe tool inspection, repair, and tryout. They eliminate the hazards of slipping and jamming when disassembling or re-assembling at die. Die splitters increase your tool room productivity by enabling one man to separate, service and try-out valuable dies. The Hansford die splitter eliminates using chain hoists, lead mallets, and two or three toolmakers to separate and service dies.

The rugged, cast upper platen and lead screws utilized in Hansford Die Handlers assure a positive, smooth vertical movement and the ability to withstand the forces involved without deflecting beyond acceptable limits.

Today’s die sets are more complex and therefore, more care is needed to separate or close them without jamming. The rugged precision of the Hansford Die Handler eliminates problems of separation because the upper and lower platens are held parallel to each other within .003″ T.l.R., and ground locks are provided on all four corners of the upper platen.

All models have a rated try-out force which is exerted by hand crank in the “Try-Out” mode. This is a squeeze-type force, which allows some plants to shear in blanking dies. With a die separated and positioned, sharpening can be easily accomplished. Similarly, a forming die requires spotting in order to assure the proper match of the two halves, and this can be accomplished just as easily as shearing in or sharpening operations.

Models available with capacity from 400 pounds to 6,000 pounds, platen areas to 30″ x 64″, and tryout force to 20 tons.

Hansford die handler
Hansford die handler

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