Mechanical Power Presses

Backed by 100 years of combined experience and a detailed understanding of the metal stamping industry, Production Resources carries a complete line of mechanical, link motion, servo, and hydraulic stamping presses, including:

  • Straight Side Presses – Mechanical and Servo Presses
  • Gap Frame Presses – Single and Two Point Mechanical Presses
  • Transfer Presses

We also offer  hydraulic presses.

PRI Can Provide a Press or System Solution

We’re more than just a distributor of industrial power presses; we partner with our customers and bring value to everything we do for them. Our strong commitment to staff education and training enables Production Resources to consult on customer projects and recommend the best product solutions.

PRI offers complete systems and solutions for all your metal stamping needs, like:

Our customers trust us to help them achieve their goals of safety, improved part quality & efficiency all while keeping an eye on their bottom line.

The manufacturers that we represent are respected as the best in their respective areas of expertise. They include:

» SEYI Straight Side Crank Press
The SEYI Straint Side Crank Press are specifically designed for large progressive pressing dies for automotive industry with highly rigid frame and low deformation.

» SEYI Straight Side Eccentric Gear Press
The SEYI SE series  are excellent equipment for processing high-tensile steel panels.

» SEYI Link Mechanical Press
The SEYI Link Mechanical presses are designed for large press dies in automotive industry.

» SEYI Straight Side Crank Servo Press
The best features of SEYI SDG series include drawing, forming, blanking, punching and cutting of automotive parts.

» Sutherland Presses-Single and Two Point Mechanical Presses
Sutherland Presses offer a larger variety of Single and Two Point Mechanical Presses

Is safety a concern? You may be interested in our Wintriss safety light curtains, one of the many safeguarding products we offer.

Request a quote today for the mechanical power press that meets your needs. Or contact a PRI sales associate for any questions regarding your future metal stamping capabilities.

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