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Quick Die Change Equipment | Die Carts, Racks & More

Quick die change is essential to just in time (JIT) manufacturing. Properly designed QDC systems – including die handling equipment like carts and storage racks – will help you implement tool changes safely in minutes versus hours. We can provide all the quick die equipment and application knowledge to help you to implement a QDC system that will work for you.

PRI Application Engineers offer personal assistance in configuring and justifying QDC systems to meet your exact needs. Our industry-leading expertise in die handling and storage is founded on the extensive QDC background of our vice president, Chris Jones. Led by his vision and understanding, our team will help you select appropriate die handling equipment, die storage, and die clamping and get it working.

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Our line of efficient, reliable die handling equipment includes:

Die Storage Racks by Green Valley

Storing dies on the factory floor and transporting them with forklifts is inefficient and potentially unsafe. Proper storage of tools in die racks keeps them clean and accessible and allows the dies to be quickly found and transported.

Green valley light-duty die cart
Green valley light-duty die cart

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Die Carts by Green Valley & Hansford

Die carts are dedicated to the QDC process and eliminate potential long waits for forklift availability. One and two station die carts can help efficiently transport and your tools. Most die carts have push/pull mechanisms and roller decks that can load or retract a die whether on sub plates or parallels.

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Die Lifters – Roller & Ball Styles – Spring & Hydraulic by Pascal

Hydraulic or spring ball die lifters mounted in the bolster plate provide assistance in loading your die. Die lifters often make it possible to position dies weighing less than 4,000 pounds by hand. Hydraulic roller lifters allow handling of much heavier tools. Sub-plates under the lower die shoe are required for die lifters to work properly.

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Bolster Extensions/Pre-Rollers for QDC Applications by Pascal

Bolster extensions and pre-rollers (also known as bolster arms) should be used when die carts are not available or affordable. They allow a die to be staged at the front or back of the press with a fork truck, then pushed into the die space over die mounted lifters. This technique also works best when the lower die is fitted with a smooth sub-plate.

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Hydraulic Clamps – Mechanical Clamps by Optima and Pascal

Hydraulic cylinder, lever, ledge clamps or single-turn mechanical die clamps are used to quickly and safely secure the tools for production once they die has been properly located.

Hydraulic traveling clamps may be appropriate for larger presses where it takes more time for a setup person to move from the front to back of the press.

Hydraulic clamps – hydraulic clamps – pascal travelling clamps
Hydraulic clamps – hydraulic clamps – pascal travelling clamps

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Pascal Magnetic Die Clamping System

The magnetic die clamping system enables single-minute exchange of dies. It fixes the die with strong permanent Alnico magnet and clamps/unclamps  instantly with one-touch operation.

Power is not used during normal operation, which eliminates any risk of clamping failure during a power outage.

Pascal magnetic die clamping system
Pascal magnetic die clamping system

Die and Mold Splitters/Handlers by Green Valley and Hansford

A die handler helps make die set inspection a fast and safe one-man operation. Hansford and Green Valley die handlers are intended to facilitate rapid and safe tool inspection, repair, and tryout. They eliminate the hazards of slipping and jamming when disassembling or re-assembling at die. Die splitters increase your tool room productivity by enabling one man to separate, service and try-out valuable dies. Die splitters eliminate using chain hoists, lead mallets, and two or three toolmakers to separate and service dies.

We also provide press automation controls to optimize your quick die changing routine, including automatic shut height adjustment, automatic feed setup, and setup of all press control parameters and auxiliary timing requirements.

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