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Hydraulic & Mechanical Quick Die Change Clamps

Hydraulic Cylinder Style – Lever Arm – Ledge Clamps

Traveling Hydraulic Clamps & Mechanical Single Turn Clamps

PRI handles a wide variety of quick die change clamps, including mechanical and hydraulic T-Slot, hydraulic traveling, and hydraulic ledge clamps. Common clamping height and locations are necessary to properly implement QDC clamping systems. Single turn mechanical clamps represent a step up from conventional mechanical clamps and make it faster and easier for operators to fasten tools in place. Hydraulic clamping systems are the preferred choice for a complete QDC system involving hydraulic die lifters and clamps. An air over oil power pack and control system allows operators to clamp or unclamp the die with a control switch. Cross checking and control reliable electro-hydraulic circuits ensure safety.

Optima USA Die Clamps

Mechanical T-Slot Clamps

  • A safe, quick and simple way to clamp Dies, Work-pieces and fixtures
  • Easily inserted into existing T-Slots, easy positioning without additional fixing
  • Manually operated. No hydraulic or pneumatic components necessary
  • Clamping force is obtained through the patented OPTIMA Toggle System. Full Pressure is achieved quickly and easily by turning the low torque "power nut" 180°

HEE – Hydraulic C-Frame Clamp

Hydraulic C-Frame Clamp

  • A safe, quick and simple way to clamp Dies, Work-pieces and fixtures
  • Easily inserted into existing T-Slots, adapts to any Die width
  • Allow semi-automated Die change operations
  • Hydraulic activation assures quick and effortless clamping
  • Generous piston stroke allows for variations in Die show thickness
  • Compact Design assures minimal space requirements

HFS Hydraulic Traveling Clamps

Traveling Clamp
The HFS model is driven by an extremely rugged chain design the rides in the t-slot "head" area. This compact and maintenance free drive mechanism allows the clamps to be positions anywhere along their travel range. Once the clamp reaches the die, it’s travel is halted by a proximity sensor and the clamp is hydraulically energized thereby securing the die.

Clamp forces are continuously monitored via pressure switches in a redundant dual safety circuit. When unclamping, the clamp releases and is automatically retracted to it’s "home position."

  • Travel of up to 40 inches
  • Use of New or Existing T-slots as small as 3/4 inch
  • Operating Pressures of 2900 or 5800 psi
  • Compact chain drive with Reversible 24VDC (115VAC) motor
  • Electronic monitoring via two Proximity Switches
  • Single Plug Multi-Pn Electrical Connection
  • Generous Clamping Stroke (0.47")

Hydraulic Ledge Clamps

An ideal solution for clamping lower dies where common sub plates are utilized.

  • Very low installation cost
  • Completely hydraulic operation
  • Universal use by varying the base plates
  • High force density
  • Central control
  • High clamping force
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Superior corrosion protection
  • Low construction height

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