Green Valley Die Storage Racks & Tables

PRI offers single or multiple station die storage racks and T-tables for efficient die management. Knowing where tools are located and keeping them clean and accessible is vital to quick die change.

Die storage, along with issues like press arrangement and material flow, have a direct impact on your changeover times. Locating die racks close to the press room reduces transit time. Using dedicated die carts in conjunction with die racks also eliminates wait time associated with fork truck availability. Quick die change incorporating the proper use of die racks can improve your productivity.

Die storage racks provide an easy-to-access location that is secure, safe and ergonomically friendly to access. Racks are often equipped with roller decks to reduce the force required to move a tool. Die stops are provided for safety.

Our die storage racks are supplied by Green Valley Inc., the leaders in die transportation. They allow you to efficiently organize and store your dies while maximizing usage of your floor space. The benefits of using our die racks include easy access, reduced damage, improved safety and maximization of floor space.

Green Valley racks feature durable construction and are designed and manufactured to withstand equipment damage while safety storing your dies. Our die racks deliver the quality, durability and strength your operation demands.

Our standard offerings include one-, two- and three-station die storage racks, capable of handling dies up to 25,000 pounds. We design and build die racks and tables to your exact requirements in addition to the typical models shown.

Die Storage Racks

Titan 1364

One Station Die Storage Rack

  • one die weighing up to 25,000 lbs.
  • heavy duty structural steel weldment
  • high capacity rollers
  • storage shelf below

Titan 1364 one station die storage rack

Titan 1364

Titan 1265

Two Station Die Storage Rack

  • two dies weighing up to 10,000 lbs. each
  • heavy duty structural steel weldment
  • high capacity rollers
  • manual die stop pins

Titan 1265 two station die storage rack

Titan 1265

Titan 2516

Three Station Die Storage Rack

  • three dies weighing up to 5,000 lbs. each
  • over/under design save floor space
  • UHMW slider bed
  • heavy duty construction
  • floor lag provisions

Titan 2516 three station die storage rack

Titan 2516

Titan 2445

Mold/Die Storage Rack

  • 500 lbs. per cell capacity
  • Gravity roller surface
  • Die stop pins
  • Structural steel frame

Titan 2445 die storage rack

Titan 2445

Titan 3022

Three Station Die Rack

  • 1,000 lbs. capacity per cell
  • High Density Die Storage
  • Gravity Rollers on Each Cell
  • Die Stop Pins
  • Die Cart Deck Interlock Bracket
  • Anchoring Provisions

Titan 3022 die storage rack

Titan 3022


Providing tool prestaging at the press for rapid die changing

Titan 1396

Die Change Table

  • 60,000 lbs. capacity per cell
  • Simple rocker switch control on hand-held pendant
  • Shop air power
  • Dual rigid chain push/pull

Titan 1396 die change table

Titan 1396

Titan 1607

Die Turn Table

  • Maximum capacity: 10,000 lbs.
  • Crank operated turntable rotation
  • Manual die transfer
  • Gravity type die stops
  • Load deck rotation secured via locking pins

Titan 1604 die turn table

Titan 1604

Request a quote today or contact us to learn how Green Valley die racks from PRI can make a difference in your operation.

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