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Die Lifters

Hydraulic Lifters – Spring Roller Lifters – Pneumatic Lifters

Die lifters are available as spring, air, or hydraulic types. Die lifters are intended for T-slot or U-slot bolster mounting and reduce the effort/force required to quickly located tools. Tools of 4,000 pounds or less can often be moved by hand. Sub-plates under the lower die are required.

Hydraulic Lifters to Assist in Loading Dies with Subplates

  • A hydraulic pressure source is required which may be a hand pump or air over oil system.
  • Double load bearing capacity for exact linear die transfer
  • Simple operation
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Supports high temperature applications up to 200°C

Pascal Engineering DLF Series

Hydraulic Roller Lifters & Spring Roller Lifters for Heavy Dies
Simple economical spring lifting roIlers are suitable for small to mid sized tools. They can be mounted into most standard T-slot and do not require a power source. They are held down by clamping the die on to the press.

 DLF Series hydraulic roller lifter specifications

Mechanical Spring Loaded Lifters

Available with BALL type lifter cartridges in sizes made to fit all standard T-Slots. Ball type lifters carry moderate loads (typically 550 to 750 pounds per linear foot) and have the ability to move dies in any direction for ease of location and alignment. Spring powered rails install into standard size T-Slots in minutes.

Pascal Engineering Spring Loaded Lifters

Available in sizes made to fit all standard T-Slots. Spring type lifters carry moderate loads and have the ability to move dies easily. No hydraulics or power source required. However, you do have to plan to clamp against the lifter force.

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