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Power Press Transfer Systems

Servo Press Transfer Systems, Destackers, Transfer Accessories & Press Unloaders

Production Resources distributes Linear Transfer Automation programmable servo transfer systems, blank stacking and destacking systems and Norgren Automation Solutions end-of-arm transfer tooling mounting devices, sensors, and double blank detectors.

Transfer is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to progressive tooling due to potential material savings. Parts are carried from station to station with transfer bars and fingers which eliminates the additional carrier strip/skeleton material associated with progressive dies.

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Linear Transfer Automation systems

Linear Transfer Automation systems are available in front to back designs as well as through the window designs. Either approach allows blanks to be fed to the first station of a transfer operation and then parts are controlled and transferred to subsequent stations with transfer bars and attachments. Pitch length, lift, and rotation (if required) can be controlled through the servo control system.

Linear metrican
Linear Metrican

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Norgren Automation Solutions

Norgren Automation Solutions’ transfer tool mounting devices are mounted to the transfer bars on any transfer system to manipulate and control part movement/location. These devices include: transfer finger rail receivers, fingers, grippers, shovels, and vacuum cups. NAS double blank detection systems are used at the front end of the transfer process to ensure that only 1 blank is fed at a time. PRI also handles NAS part in place inductive stainless steel faced proximity sensors and their nut and thread detectors.

Syron transfer tool mounting devices
NAS Syron transfer tool mounting devices

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Bachhuber Press Unloaders

Bachhuber mechanical and servo driven press unloaders are intended for use with power presses, forging operations, and die casting where it’s necessary to remove a part from the die space and move it to a bin or storage area. Increase production with a mechanical or servo driven blank feeder or stacker.


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