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Linear Transfer Automation Systems

Production Resources distributes Linear Transfer Automation servo transfer and blank stacking and destacking systems. Linear provides superior service and commitment to the highest in quality, performance and competitive cost.

Linear metrican
Linear Metrican


5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Linear Transfer System

  1. SPEED/UPTIME – Linear’s transfer automation operates with high precision, typically 15-30% faster than other similar servo transfer systems on the market.
  2. FLEXIBILITY – Our systems are fully programmable, offer unlimited recipe storage and easy die access, and can be parked out of the way. Available in a variety of configurations and sizes.
  3. ACCURACY – Our systems move parts without dropping them and accurately position them.
  4. 24/7 SUPPORT – Turn-key solutions including complete installation, start-up, maintenance and training. We can provide tooling startup and integration/coordination with die sources.
  5. Front to back and through the window designs.

With our complete range of products, strict quality control and a limited lifetime warranty, the entire line of transfer systems and de-stack feeders can be purchased from a single source.

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Front & Rear FR-Class™

The Front & Rear FR-Class™ mounts on the front and rear of the press, perfect for presses with small window dimensions. With servo motor control of all axes for high speed and accuracy, these machines are designed to retract up and out of the way to provide easy access for die changeover and tooling adjustment.

Inear front & rear fr-class™ press transfer system
Linear Front & Rear FR-Class™ press transfer system
Linear tweet by paul stirrett, linear vp sales
Tweet by Paul Stirret, Linear Automation VP of Sales


Through The Window™ W-Class™

The Through The Window™ W-Class™ configuration is mounted on the sides of the press and the transfer bars extend through the window. With servo motor control of all axes for high speed and accuracy, our equipment is designed to provide easy access for fast die changeover and tooling adjustment.

Linear through the window™ w-class™ press transfer system
Linear Through The Window™ W-Class™ press transfer system

Both of these easy-to-program, low maintenance systems are custom designed and built to suit your specific needs.

As is standard with all of Linear’s automation equipment, the Front & Rear FR-Class™ and the Through the Window™ transfer systems come complete with touch screen control, and master encoder feedback. Die and programmable part detection is also standard on all systems, providing the optimum in press and tooling safety. Our systems store multiple tooling recipes for quick and easy recall, facilitating quick die change-over times.

Blank De-Stack Feeders

Linear servo driven feeders are designed to process blanks of various geometries, sizes and materials, allowing a large range of products to be produced in a single transfer press. Conveniently, our units can be rolled to the side and coil feed systems rolled into place to run progressive dies. Double blank protection is an integral part of all Linear’s blank feeders.

Linear blank de-stack feeders
Linear Blank De-Stack Feeders

For a visual presentation of all the Linear products, visit the Linear website.

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