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Bachhuber Press Unloaders and Blank Feeders

Production Resources distributes Bachhuber mechanical and servo driven press unloaders. These devices are intended for use with power presses, forging operations, and die casting where it’s necessary to remove a part from the die space and move it to a bin or storage area.

The mechanical unloaders are mechanically linked to press motion and the tray reaches into the die space on the press upstroke to retrieve/catch the part from a top knock out operation and then shuttle it outside the die area. The servo driven unloaders work in a similar fashion but have no mechanical linkage to the press and are timed electrically from a programmable limit switch or similar device.

Production Resources Application Engineers are available to assist you with your application. To best assist you we’ll need to know:

  • your machine type,
  • its stroke length,
  • speed,
  • shut height,
  • distance from the press bolster to the point where the part is stripped/ejected,
  • the part size/weight, and press speed.

Bachhuber Press Unloader Features

Bachhuber Press Unloaders and Blank Feeders feature:

  • Mechanical and Servo designs for punch presses, trim press,forging, and die casting
  • Wide variety of tray travels from 10″ to 60″
  • Various weight capacities
  • Variety of tray widths and adjustable tray angles
  • Up to 100 spm – stroke dependent blank feeders and stackers

Increase production with a blank feeder or stacker. These devices are available with mechanical or servo drives. Blank loaders feed parts from a stack and position the blank accurately on a die. Stackers take parts from a Bachhuber unloader or similar device and move in one, two, or three axis to stack parts on pallets or rollers for easy pickup. They can also drop parts with holes on mandrels.

Bachhuber blank feeders and stackers include features like:

  • Thickness ranges = 1.0mm [.04″] to 4.0mm [8 ga.]
  • Blank sizes = 100.0mm [4″] to 1200.0mm [48″]
  • Strip widths = 25.0mm [1″] to 300.0mm [12″]
  • Strip lengths = 1200.0mm [48″] to 3600.0mm [12′]
  • Feed blanks or strip-blanks from the top of a stack minimizing scratches.

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