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Pax In-Die Automatic Lubrication System

Few things are more important in the metal stamping industry than an adequate in-die lubrication and coil stock lubrication system.

Die lubrication is designed to dissipate heat and reduce friction, prolonging die life and decreasing down time from press room equipment failure. Die lubrication also reduces the potential for damaging the die due to galling, expansion, and/or heat stress.

Production Resources understands the importance of reliable die lubrication and our Application Engineers can help you select a system that will meet your exact needs.

Photo of pax in-die automatic lubrication system
Pax in-die automatic lubrication system

Pax automatic lubrication systems provide multiple benefits:

  • Reduction of Die Lubricant Usage – Precisely applying the proper amount of die lubricant cuts waste and saves money.
  • Higher Productivity – Proper lubrication increases run time.
  • Improved Piece Part Quality – Proper lubrication reduces stress on parts being fabricated; thus, quality is greatly improved while scrap rates are reduced!
  • Faster Press Speeds – By reducing heat, the Pax system permits increased press speeds which results in higher profits.
  • Better Housekeeping – A clean environment improves worker’s attitudes. The Pax system insures that die lubricant is applied only to critical areas – not the side of the press, the feeder, or floor.
  • Labor Savings – Eliminates inefficient manual application of lubricants with brushes or spray bottles.
Photo of pax in-die system manifold
Pax in-die system manifold

Pax Pre-Pressured Systems

Pax pre-pressurized systems require no priming, and are available in 5, 15, and 30 gallon systems and can support 1 to 14 pumps depending on model (1 pump per spray nozzle).

The pre-pressurized model is synchronized to lubricate at a specific point in the press stroke by a programmable limit switch or similar device. All spray nozzles operate at once.

Photo of pre-pressurized lubrication system
Pax pre-pressurized lubrication system

Pax V-series Lubrication System

The Pax V-series, available in 15 and 30 gallon tanks, includes an optional PLC controller to allow individual control of solenoid valves for fluid actuation.

The V-series allows individual spray nozzles to be turned on/off at different stroke points and maintained on over a given stroke angle.

Photo of pax v-series lubrication system
Pax v-series lubrication system

Pax Spray Cabinets

Pax spray cabinets are ideal for lubricating the top and bottom of coil stock as it enters the die eliminating the need for cumbersome and maintenance intensive roller systems. Features include adjustable spray nozzles, as well as a system designed to recycle run-off lubricant.

Pax spray cabinets are also compatible with all Pax lubrication systems.

Photo of pax spray cabinets
Pax spray cabinets

New 2 Gallon 2 Pump Compact Pre-Pressurized Lubrication System

This 2 pump Pax lubrication system is ideal for presses where smaller amounts of lubricant are required. It is especially suited for small gap frame or lighter tonnage straight side presses.

It is compact enough to be moved between presses when used with magnetic base spray nozzles and a magnetic base timing switch.

Photo of 2 pump pax lubrication system
2 pump pax lubrication system

For more information on our collection of Pax Products, please visit the following links on the Pax Website ( links open in new tab):

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