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Production Resources represents Standard Industrial. Standard Industrial manufactures a wide range of press brakes, hydraulic shears, and hydraulic presses. Standard Industrial is a family-owned business; 100% owned and operated in Mississippi.

Standard Industrial Press Brakes (100 – 1,000 Tons)

Standard Industrial press brakes are the heaviest, most reliable press brakes available today. Due to the simplicity of their hydraulic/mechanical design, Standard Industrial press brakes require far less maintenance than conventional direct dual cylinder brakes. Hydraulic technology allows full tonnage throughout the stroke and the entire length of the bed, producing superior repeatable results.

Featuring some of the fastest ram speeds on the market, Standard Industrial press brakes are ideal for precision small piece work. These systems also support multiple die setups across the bed for applications that require varying amounts of tonnage.

  • Lowest deflection rating in the industry
  • Available with up to 6 axis of CNC control including X, Y, R, X1 & X2 and Z1 & Z2
  • Full tonnage throughout stroke
  • +,- .001″ Ram Repeatability
  • Off-center loading capability

Optional features are also available, including ram control and safety systems, manifold & automatic lubrication systems, bed and ram extensions, and optional press brake tooling.

Photo of standard industrial ab100-10
Standard Industrial AB100-10


Standard Industrial Hydraulic Shears – 1/4 to 1 1/4 capacities – 6′ to 22′ beds

Extremely powerful, yet simple to operate, Standard Industrial hydraulic shears feature the most hold-down and shearing capabilities than any other industrial shear. These hydraulic shears are designed for shearing consistency across the entire length of the shear. The hydra-mechanical drive system is designed to withstand up to 6 times the total tonnage of the shear.

Photo of standard industrial hydraulic press shears
Standard Industrial Hydraulic Press Shears

With innovative shock-absorbing technology, Standard Industrial hydraulic shears eliminate the need for special foundation requirements. Standard Industrial’s guillotine drive systems incorporate ram slides directly above the shearing line for maximum precision and stroke consistency.

PLC touch screen controls, 36″ travel backgauge with swingaway backstop, and a fully-loaded table/bed all come standard on each Standard Industrial hydraulic shear.

We currently offer both Standard Industrial hydraulic shear models; the AS and CS shears.
Contact PRI for more information on how we can improve your facility’s shearing capabilities.

Standard Industrial Hydraulic Presses

Production Resources provides several Standard Industrial hydraulic presses optimized for specific types of applications. A quick consultation with one of our application engineers will ensure you receive a hydraulic press that meets your needs. We currently offer four column, c-frame, and straight side presses of various tonnage ratings.

Each press includes a main control panel with an on-off switch for the main motor, and a decompression system timer essential for bottoming applications. All presses also come standard with a counterbalance valve for punch or blanks up to 2/3 of the machines overall tonnage. Pressure variations are handled through the hydraulic pressure tonnage control.

Standard Industrial Four Column Presses

Photo of standard industrial four column press
Standard Industrial Four Column Press

Four column presses feature a hydraulic system with continuous filtration, and are typically used for center load applications and applications requiring equally distributed tonnage. Four column presses are available in models ranging from 100-1,000 tonnage capacity.

Standard Industrial AP model four column presses are vertical, direct hydraulic presses powered by industrial quality hydraulic cylinders. These models feature guided machine plates fitted with A660 bronze bearings for maximum precision and durability.

  • Rigid welded frame
  • T-slots in bed and ram
  • Adjustable ram travel
  • Permanently mounted electric heaters for column maintenance
  • Oil cooler
  • Adjustable shaft packing
  • Adjustable tonnage control
  • Portable 2 hand control station


Standard Industrial C-Frame Presses

Photo of standard industrial c-frame press
Standard Industrial C-Frame Press

Standard Industrial C-Frame presses are designed for off-center loads, center loads, and progressive die setups, making them one of the most versatile hydraulic presses we carry. With a tonnage rating of up to 600 tons, C-frame presses are typically used for metalworking, plastics, and fabrics applications where workpieces are larger than the bed.

  • Self contained hydraulic system with oil cooler and filter
  • Full length eight way ram guides
  • T-slots in the bed and ram
  • Two hand control station
  • Direct hydraulic cylinder
  • Box type ram
  • Completely adjustable open height, stroke and speed change point


Standard Industrial DCSS Straight Side Presses

Photo of standard industrial dcss straight side press
Standard Industrial DCSS Straight Side Press

Enclosed end frames and compact bed sizes provide Standard Industrial DCSS straight side presses with a massive level of rigidity. Full length, 8 way ram guides make the DCSS ideal for center load and off center loads, left to right and/or front to back, as well as virtually any other press application.

Optional DCSS equipment provides added versatility; Ram and/or bed extensions allow extension beyond the frames to give additional die area. DCSS is available in a tonnage capacity up to 600 tons.

  • Self contained hydraulic system with oil cooler and filter
  • Solid end frames to provide the most rigid design of any press
  • T-slots in the bed and ram
  • Windows for material and die pass through
  • Two hand control station
  • Machine tool quality direct hydraulic cylinder
  • Adjustable shaft packing

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