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Coil Handling and Feeding Equipment

PRI offers a wide variety of coil handling, feeding, and cut to length equipment to uncoil, straighten, feed, and shear metal, paper, or plastic coiled material. PRI can help you select the proper equipment to deliver coil stock to power presses, shears, or similar equipment.

Our coil processing equipment solutions include: air feedsservo roll feedsstock straightenerssingle and double end coil reels, coil cars, coil cradlespallet decoilers, complete coil lines, space saver coil lines, and cut to length lines.

Proper coil handling and feeding equipment provides added flexibility to your coil processing capabilities, reduces setup time, improves quality, reduces scrap, and minimizes floor space requirements.

Whether you need a simple low cost die/press mounted air feed or a complete coil handling and feeding line our Application Engineers can provide personal assistance to help you select and implement the best coil processing equipment for the job.

Our coil handling and feeding equipment is accurate, repeatable, and reliable. We have equipment to handle material widths from ¼” to 84” and thicknesses from .002” to .625”. Feed lengths of fractions to 999.999” or longer can be managed at high accuracy and high stroke speeds. Features are available to accommodate short or long run times with quick and easy setup.

Photo of colt automation 42 inch feed line
Colt Automation 42 inch feed line

If your tool change frequency has increased and your need for quick, accurate, repeatable coil feeding has become more important we can offer servo feed replacements for worn or unreliable air feeds, hitch feeds, or crank driven roll feeds. A new servo feed will allow you to change feed lengths in seconds, feed with accuracies of ± .002”, eliminate die breakage due to misfeeds, and feed material at faster press speeds.

We also offer drive and control upgrades for older servo feeds of most major brands.

Feeding and coil handling equipment can be integrated with new or existing press automation controls of most major brands.

We carry the most respected names in coiling handling, including Accra-WireColt Automation/Sesco ProductsPress Room Equipment (PRE),  Rapid-Air, and Waddington.

PRI offers coil feeding recommendations to maximize pressroom productivity. Just specify coil weight, coil ID/OD min/max, thickness, min/max width, max feed length and speed, and available space for coil handling and feeding equipment, and our Application Engineers will take care of the rest.

Servo Feeds/Electric Feeds

Servo Roll feed widths from 2” through 84” to handle stock thickness ranges from .010” to .625” are available.

Air Feeds

Bridge style air feeds that grip flat material across the top are available for stock widths from fractions to 16” (406mm) wide, .150” (3.81mm) thick, and in lengths up to 20” (508mm). Pulling capacities of up to 250 pounds (114kg) are available on heavy duty models. Our smallest feed is capable of 260 cycles per minute at a 2” (50.8mm) progression and can cycle much faster at shorter progressions.
Open jaw air feeds grip material from the side and are available to handle much wider and thicker materials at longer feed lengths.

Coil Reels / Stock Reels

Single- and double-end stock reels. Capacity: from 4″ wide to 72″; thickness from .010 – .500. Non-powered and powered versions available.


Coil thicknesses from .004” up to .625″ can be processed and at various line speeds. Powered and pull through versions are available and powered versions can pull off coils weighing up to 40,000 pounds. 7, 9, 11, and 21 roll versions are custom made to suit your needs to remove coil set and other coil imperfections. Straighteners specially designed to handle HSLA steels also available.

Coil Cradles and Coil Cradle/Straightener Combinations

These machines are ideal for controlling heavy gauge and high tensile coils.  The machines feature heavy duty steel construction, self-centering crank adjustable center plates, hardened cradle rolls with heavy-duty bearings, and a variety of loop controls.  Many safety and efficiency options are also available.

Space Saver Feeding Lines

Compact Coil Line Series combines the three functions of unwinding, straightening, and feeding of coil stock into one machine. These compact coil handling and feeding lines are intended to work where floor space is limited.

Cut to Length Lines

CTL Systems produce blanks of various lengths while minimizing scrap materials.

Washers and Lubricators for Blank Lines

Blank washers from Mark One, Colt Automation, and Pax to clean shaped blanks and lubricate them so they are ready to be processed are available.

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