Pallet Decoilers

Pallet decoilers allow coils to pay off directly from a skid without upending the coil or manipulating to a mandrel. They shorten coil changeover time since multiple coils can be stacked on the same skid  and often minimize the required floor space for coil feeding systems.

Pallet decoilers are available to work with almost any flat coil material including: paper, plastic, and all types of metal. They may also be configured to work with wire coils and wire stacks.

Accra-Wire Controls Inc. Pallet Decoilers

Pallet Decoilers - Accra-Wire Controls Inc.

Pallet Decoilers – Accra-Wire Controls Inc.

A pallet decoiler has typically been used for stock widths ≤ to 6” and thicknesses under .060” at relatively short feed/pitch lengths. But Accra-Wire has developed loop management control systems and drives that greatly expand the flexibility of these devices so that coil widths up to 24” and material thicknesses to .125” can be processed at higher speeds.

Configurations are available with high drive horsepower to work with roll form lines that require rapid acceleration to full line speed.

  • Accra-Wire - Pallet Decoilers - non metallic

    Accra-Wire – Pallet Decoilers – non metallic

    Requires no slack loop

  • AWC tension control system
  • Change table rotation with the flip of a switch
  • Regenerative DC drive controls speed, acceleration and deceleration
  • Fully adjustable guide rollers
  • Table stem system for pallet centering
  • Versatile to handle most press, roll forming, and slide forming applications
Capacity (lbs)3,5005,500;7,0009,00015,000
SpeedTo match application (up to 300+ FPM available)
Material Width (in.)*½” – 8″½” – 30″
Max Coil O.D. (in.)4848607280
Controller TypeRegenerative DC Drive
Input Voltage 1 Phase120/230230
Foot Print, LxW (in.)65×4575×5085×6097×7297×72
Table Sizes (in.)45 or 5050607272 or 80
*Depending on material. AWC may require sample


Rapid-Air Pallet Master Pallet Decoiler

Able to handle loads up to 10,000 pounds, this pallet decoiler offers precision payout for high-speed, high-volume operations. Can be combined with Rapid-Air stock straighteners or Rapid-Roll Power units for cost-efficient savings.

Pivot arm models provide the Pallet Master with a versatile material payout positioning loop sensor arm, as well as a control that allows additional fine tuning. Also can be combined with Rapid-Air straighteners. Optional guide rollers available.

Press Room Equipment Pallet Decoiler Lines

Norwalk decoiler lines from PRE offer high-efficiency coiling in three different models:

Flat Strip Pallet Decoilers – Versatile Un-Coiler provides safe, efficient, maintenance-free sheet decoiling that decreases edge damage and scrap. Click here to learn more.

Wire Pallet Decoilers – Improve tension control for higher production and less scrap, while safely and efficiently overcoming the challenges of uncoiling wire.

Lever Lift – Allows coil payoff in the vertical position without additional lifting equipment or strenuous operator labor.

Norwalk pallet decoiler

Norwalk Flat Strip Pallet Decoiler

Norwalk wire pallet decoiler

Norwalk Wire Pallet Decoiler

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