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Servo Roll Feeds – Electric Press Feeds

Production Resources offers a complete line of reliable, flexible servo feeds for all your coil processing applications.

Review the examples below and then request for a quote.  Or contact PRI for assistance identifying the right servo feed for your needs.

Colt Automation Heavy Duty Servo Driven Roll Feeds

Our Colt Automation Press Equipment servo driven roll feeds process widths from 2” through 84”. Material thickness ranging from .002” to .625” can also be processed.

Adjustable passline press mounted and cabinet mounted models available. Typically Colt servo feeds require a free loop from a powered straightener or reel; however, models with pull through straighteners are available (see loop concepts in our technical resources section).

Features include:

  • AC brushless servo motors: high performance and maintenance-free
  • Fully programmable feed lengths from .001” to 999.999”
  • Feed advisor feature to optimize feed angle and feed speed to feed length – Also compatible with Wintriss SFI
  • Tool memory for quick error free setup
  • Programmable limit switches required for feed and pilot release timing
  • 24/7 service response
  • Feeding accuracy of ±.003” or better
  • Heavy duty press mount or fabricated cabinet
  • Adjustable passline height
  • Self-centering material guides
  • Adjustable air operated pilot release mechanism

Optional features such as motorized passline, anti-backup rolls, overhead cable sets, matte chrome and other special roll finishes, and press automation/servo controls allow these feeds to be customized to meet any application needs.

Waddington Direct Drive High Speed Servo Feeds

Feeds with drive gearboxes have backlash, but direct drive feeds perform reliably for billions of cycles with no change in accuracy or repeatability.

Very accurate     +-.0005

Very Fast up to 400 spm for many applications with high speed pilot release as an option.

Direct load connection eliminates maintenance of gearboxes, belts, or pulleys
Reduced number of components – no belts and pulleys. Gearing between rolls run in oil with full thickness range useable without any adjustments. Gears remain fully engaged through the entire feed thickness range.

New controls feature touch screen user interface.

Maximum Stock Width                 3 to 25 inches
Maximum Stock Thickness         .125 inches
Minimum Feed Length                 .000 inches
Maximum Feed Length                 1200.0000 inches
Standard Accuracy                         +/-.0005 inches
Power Supply (see options)        230V or 460V 1 and 3ph 60hz

Waddington Twin Strip Servo Feed

Waddington high speed, high accuracy, and special application servo feeds. Models for stock widths from 1” to 48” and thickness from .002” to .250”.

Waddington Twin Strip Servo Feed

Waddington Twin Strip Servo Feed

Specialty feeds for:
Twin strip feeds
Push/Pull configurations
Thin, hard-to-handle materials
Wire feeds
Complex gag operations

Features include:

  • High speed feeding to 1200 spm
  • Accuracies of ± .0005”
  • High speed air pilot release to 300 spm – servo pilot release to 1200 spm
  • Programming is easy and menu driven
  • System can be interfaced with other computers
  • Fast, easy, and accurate length control
  • Locatable on any side of the press in push or pull configurations
  • Available with a variety of set-up storage options

Press Room Equipment Affordable Servo Feed

Providing flexibility, reliability and affordability all in one machine.

PRE servo feed

PRE servo feed

Features include:

  • 25 Standard Models to choose from.
  • Stock Thickness Capacity to .375 in.
  • Stock Widths up to 72 in.
  • Helical Gear Driven Rolls
  • Non-Stretch Kevlar Belt.
  • Available in 3.25”, 4.50”, or 5.50” roll diameters.
  • Pull-Thru Straighteners available.


Rapid-Air Light & Medium Duty Compact Affordable Servo Feeds

Rapid-Air Servo Feeds

Rapid-Air Servo Feeds

Rapid-Air servo feeds are best suited to 2” wide to 18” wide materials from .004” to .125” thick.

These are affordable, accurate, reliable feeds with short delivery times.

Innovative, new manufacturing techniques bring you the highest quality, low maintenance, cost-effective servo feeds.

  • Fast job changeover
  • Compact and simple to install
  • High production rates
  • Quick delivery
  • Controls compatible with most press automation controls

Servo Feeds Model Selection

Material Width
Max Thickness Capacity
at Full Width
Max Feed
Roll Opening
Roll Type
Input Power
MS22” (51mm).040” (1.02mm).060” (1.52mm)Hardened
& Ground
MS44” (102mm).040” (1.02mm).060” (1.52mm)
MS88” (203mm).031” (.79mm).060” (1.52mm)
100D Series
106D6” (152mm).085” (2.15mm).150” (3.81mm)Hardened
& Ground
112D12” (305mm).060” (1.52mm).150” (3.81mm)
118D18” (457mm).045” (1.14mm).150” (3.81mm)
Standard 100T Series
106T6” (152mm).105” (2.66mm).150” (3.81mm)Hardened
& Ground
112T12” (305mm).080” (2.03mm).150” (3.81mm)
118T18” (457mm).065” (1.65mm).150” (3.81mm)
Standard 200T Series
208T8” (203mm).105” (2.66mm).180” (4.57mm)Hardened
& Ground
212T12” (305mm).095” (2.41mm).180” (4.57mm)
218T18” (457mm).085” (2.15mm).180” (4.57mm)
224T24” (610mm).075” (1.91mm).180” (4.57mm)
Heavy Duty 200TX Series
208TX8” (203mm).125” (3.18mm).180” (4.57mm)Hardened
& Ground
212TX12” (305mm).125” (3.18mm).180” (4.57mm)
218TX18” (457mm).100” (2.54mm).180” (4.57mm)
224TX24” (610mm).100” (2.54mm).180” (4.57mm)

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