Coil/Stock Straightening Machines

Production Resources offers 7, 9, 11,19,  and 21 roll straighteners designed primarily to remove coil set and reduce crossbow. The 19 and 21 roll models approach the performance of levelers. We also offer coil straightener lines specially designed for HSLA steel applications.

Material type, tensile strength, thickness, cross section, and line speed all affect straightener requirements for roll spacing, roll diameter, number of rolls, and horsepower.

Our Application Engineers can help you select the right coil straightener for your requirements. Contact us today for the assistance you need.

Coe Heavy Duty Power Coil Straightener

Coe heavy duty power straighteners process material at widths from 1.0” to 84.0” and thickness from .010” to .625”. Breaker roll diameter and center distance spacing provides effective coil set removal for all material types and sizes.

Features include:

Coe power coil straightener with options

Coe power straightener with options

  • Heavy duty fabricated bases
  • Seven (7) independent breaker rolls
  • Close tolerance cluster gear drive train
  • Independent height adjustment of rolls
  • Entrance side pinch rolls
  • Exit side pinch rolls
  • AC variable speed drives
  • Material edge guide systems
  • Ultra-sonic loop control systems
  • Peeler / threader / hold down devices

Straightener options available to handle heavy high tensile coil stock and provide hands free material threading.

  • Stock peeler to position the leading edge of a coil from the stock reel to the straightener entrance pinch rolls.
  • Debender/threader/hold down to remove “kinks” from the leading edge of the coil and assist in getting material started into the straightener.
  • Entrance and exit pinch rolls
  • High horsepower drives

Coe HD AHSS Coil Straightener

Capable of handling yield strengths up to 1000 Mpa and coil weights up to 60,000 pounds, Coe’s HD coil straightener lines were developed as an answer to the tough challenges presented by AHSS and other high yield materials.

Coe HD AHSS coil straightener

Coe HD AHSS coil straightener

Straightener & pinch roll improvements include:

  • Up to 20% larger journal diameters
  • Up to 15% wider gear face widths
  • Up to 15% greater bearing load ratings
  • Worm gear housing optimizes roll center spacing
  • Up to 55% greater straightener roll delivery force
  • Up to 40% deeper straightener roll depth penetration

Press Room Equipment Coil Straightener Lines

PRE’s PMS Power Straighteners represent a full line of motorized, variable speed straighteners.Designed for durability and ease of operation, they offer:

  • Variable speed drive
  • Pneumatically actuated pinch rolls
  • Independently adjustable upper straightening rolls
  • Various loop control options
  • Hardened and ground rolls

We also offer PRE’s Pull-Thru Straighteners.

PRE PMS coil straightener

PRE PMS coil straightener

PRE pull-thru coil straightener

PRE pull-thru coil straightener

Rapid-Air Power Straighteners

Rapid-Air Power Coil Straighteners

Rapid-Air Power Straighteners

Rapid-Air high-performance powered coil straightener lines feature superior stock processing capabilities, simple operation, and the same rugged durability Rapid-Air products are famous for. Precision coil set removal is combined with smooth payout for material over a wide range of stock widths and thicknesses.

Features include:

  • Variable speed loop arm control or non-contact loop controls
  • Tilt open straighten head for easy roll cleaning
  • Small roll diameters with close spacing to optimize straightening of lighter duty coil stock.
  • Power to pull of non powered stock reels up to 1,500 pounds
  • Flat and wire stock models

For more information, visit Rapid-Air’s coil straightener page.

Waddington Precision Stock Straighteners

Waddington Precision Stock Straightener

Waddington Precision Stock Straightener

Waddington precision stock straighteners feature modern design and ground components made from stress relieved steel to ensure precise alignment, allowing you to work the material beyond its yield point without imparting distortion into the strip because of machine deflection.

9, 11, 17, and 21 roll precision straighteners for handling all types of flat coil stock.

  • 6″-48″ width range
  • .005″ to .250″ thickness range

Series Available: LC, MD & SF

Production Resources offers a full line of equipment to meet your coil handling and other pressroom needs. You may also be interested in:

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