Coil Reels

Colt Heavy Duty Single and Double End Coil Reels
4,000 To 60,000 Pound Capacity

Single end coil reels are available in powered and non-powered models. They are intended to pay material off to a straightener or feeding device. Materials from 1” to 84” widths can be managed at thicknesses from .032” to .375”. Thicker materials require options such as coil hold downs and thread drives for safe handling. Thicker and higher strength materials are best handled with a non powered pull off reel and powered straightener.

Load cars stage coils for single or double end reels and are intended to shorten coil change times. Double end reels are also intended to shorten coil change times. Either requires additional floor space.

Our Application Engineers can help you select a reel, straightener, feeder combination that best fits your needs. We need to know the material type, coil width minimum/maximum, coil OD/ID, maximum coil weight, and payout speed in order to best help you.

Colt Stock Reel Features: 

  • 2,500-80,000 lbs
  • 6″-84″ widths
  • Manual or hydraulic expansion of the mandrel
  • AC variable speed drives
  • Hydraulic threading drives
  • Quick release narrow coil keeper
  • Mechanical, ultra-sonic, or infra-red loop controls

Colt Double-end Stock Reel

Rapid-Air – Single & Double End Stock Reels

Rapid-Air reels are best suited for paying out flat stock ≤ 12” wide and ≤ .125” thick and coil weights up to 6,000 pounds.

Rapid Air dual reel

Rapid Air dual reel

Rapid-Air reels are available in powered and non powered models and are built for lasting durability. They feature heavy duty shafts with full bearing support, rugged coil centering arms, and sturdy all steel cabinets and support bases. The options and accessories for each of our models enable you to configure a reel practically any way you want for dependable payoff of coil stock.

Single or Double Mandrel Reels
Depending on production volume requirements, you can choose a single or double mandrel reel. A double mandrel swiveling reel allows you to load a new coil on one side, while the other side is paying off material. When the operational coil is depleted, the reel is swiveled 180 degrees to bring a new coil into position. Floor space requirements must be considered.

Non-Powered Reels
Non-powered models can be employed when a straightener or other equipment provides the power to pull material off the coil. Choose from mechanical, pneumatic or electric brake options.

Powered Reels
Both single and double mandrel reels are available as powered models utilizing variable speed motors as standard. A proportional electronic system with dancer sensing arm is standard. Options are an ultrasonic non-contact loop control, or an electronic hi-lo touch system control.

Reel-Straightener Combinations

Rapid-Air reels can be fitted with Rapid-Air straighteners mounted overhead where floor space is constrained.

Designed for Flexibility, Precise Control and Utmost Reliability

Rapid-Air stock reels are designed for the demands of flexibility and precise control at high productivity levels. Nearly a half century of manufacturing experience has gone into engineering an extensive line of powered and companion non-powered stock reels to handle pay out and rewind requirements for coils up to 6,000 pounds or more. You’ll benefit from superior technical advancements and innovative features like our proportional control system and integrated electronics.

Our reels not only perform well in tough pressroom environments, but also can be used for the most delicate jobs. Fragile pre-finished or plated stock, pre-stamped material, wire, paper or plastic can be handled with accuracy and dependability without stretching, deforming or scratching. Three control systems are available on our powered models so that reel operation can be matched specifically to production requirements. Rapid-Air reels can be used for heavy-duty operations or high-speed applications with longer feed lengths that require a precisely managed free material loop at all times. Both conductive and non-conductive stock can be payed out or rewound with material interleaf functions included.

Custom Assemblies from Standard Components

Most of our 100 Series stock reels are designed for total modularity when multiple reels are required. The pedestal/column design and stacked drive train and control components allow reels to be assembled in any number of multiple configurations. Each combination can be made from standard components with building block compatibility. Modular design not only reduces floor space and makes the reels work well together, it makes them very affordable as well.

100 Series Stock Reels Model Selection

Powered Model*Max
Adjustable Center
R23A75 lbs(34kg)18”(457mm)4”(102mm)3” – 10”(76-254mm)80rpm
R24A75 lbs(34kg)24”(610mm)4”(102mm)3” – 12”(76-305mm)80rpm
R25A75 lbs(34kg)30”(762mm)4”(102mm)3” – 12”(76-305mm)80rpm
R34A150 lbs(68kg)24”(610mm)4”(102mm)5” – 16”(127-406mm)50rpm
R35A150 lbs(68kg)30”(762mm)4”(102mm)5” – 16”(127-406mm)50rpm
R36A150 lbs(68kg)36”(915mm)4”(102mm)5” – 16”(127-406mm)50rpm
R45A250 lbs(114kg)30”(762mm)6”(152mm)9” – 20”(229-508mm)50rpm
R46A250 lbs(114kg)36”(915mm)6”(152mm)9” – 20”(229-508mm)50rpm
R56A500 lbs(227kg)36”(915mm)6”(152mm)9” – 20”(229-508mm)33rpm
R58A500 lbs(227kg)48”(1220mm)6”(152mm)9” – 20”(229-508mm)33rpm
Fixed Center
*R13NF50 lbs(22kg)18”(457mm)4”(102mm)3/4”(19mm)—-
R23F75 lbs(34kg)18”(457mm)4”(102mm)3/4”(19mm)80rpm
R24F75 lbs(34kg)24”(610mm)4”(102mm)3/4”(19mm)80rpm
R25F75 lbs(34kg)30”(762mm)4”(102mm)3/4”(19mm)80rpm
R34F150 lbs(68kg)24”(610mm)4”(102mm)1-1/2”(38mm)50rpm
R35F150 lbs(68kg)30”(762mm)4”(102mm)1-1/2”(38mm)50rpm
R36F150 lbs(68kg)36”(915mm)4”(102mm)1-1/2”(38mm)50rpm
R45F250 lbs(114kg)30”(762mm)6”(152mm)1-1/2”(38mm)50rpm
R46F250 lbs(114kg)36”(915mm)6”(152mm)1-1/2”(38mm)50rpm
R56F500 lbs(227kg)36”(915mm)6”(152mm)1-3/4”(44.5mm)33rpm
R58F500 lbs(227kg)48”(1220mm)6”(152mm)1-3/4”(44.5mm)33rpm

* Example of non-powered modular reel generally used for paper interleaf.


1000 Series Single Stock Reel Model Selection

Powered AC Input
RA15061,500 lbs(682kg)48”(122cm)6”(15cm)14” – 22”(36cm-56cm)23rpm1/2hp, 115vac, 1ph
RA15121,500 lbs(682kg)48”(122cm)12”(31cm)14” – 22”(36cm-56cm)23rpm1/2hp, 115vac, 1ph
RA25062,500 lbs(1136kg)60”(152cm)6”(15cm)16” – 24”(41cm-61cm)23rpm1hp, 115vac, 1ph
RA25122,500 lbs(1136kg)60”(152cm)12”(31cm)16” – 24”(41cm-61cm)23rpm1hp, 115vac, 1ph
RA25182,500 lbs(1136kg)60”(152cm)18”(46cm)16” – 24”(41cm-61cm)23rpm1hp, 115vac, 1ph
RA40124,000 lbs(1818kg)60”(152cm)12”(31cm)16” – 24”(41cm-61cm)23rpm1-1/2hp, 115vac, 1ph
RA40184,000 lbs(1818kg)60”(152cm)18”(46cm)16” – 24”(41cm-61cm)23rpm1-1/2hp, 115vac, 1ph
RA40244,000 lbs(1818kg)60”(152cm)24”(61cm)16” – 24”(41cm-61cm)23rpm1-1/2hp, 115vac, 1ph
RA60126,000 lbs(2727kg)72”(183cm)12”(31cm)17” – 24”(46cm-64cm)17rpm2hp, 230vac, 1ph
RA60186,000 lbs(2727kg)72”(183cm)18”(46cm)17” – 24”(46cm-64cm)17rpm2hp, 230vac, 1ph
RA60246,000 lbs(2727kg)72”(183cm)24”(61cm)17” – 24”(46cm-64cm)17rpm2hp, 230vac, 1ph
Non-Powered Mechanical Drag Brake
RMA15061,500 lbs(682kg)48”(122cm)6”(15cm)14” – 22”(36cm-56cm)115vac, 60hz, 1ph
for hydraulic
RMA15121,500 lbs(682kg)48”(122cm)12”(31cm)14” – 22”(36cm-56cm)
Non-Powered Air Drag Brake
RPA15061,500 lbs(682kg)48”(122cm)6”(15cm)14” – 22”(36cm-56cm)115vac, 60hz, 1ph
for hydraulic
RPA15121,500 lbs(682kg)48”(122cm)12”(31cm)14” – 22”(36cm-56cm)
RPA25062,500 lbs(1136kg)60”(152cm)6”(15cm)16” – 24”(41cm-61cm)
RPA25122,500 lbs(1136kg)60”(152cm)12”(31cm)16” – 24”(41cm-61cm)
RPA25182,500 lbs(1136kg)60”(152cm)18”(46cm)16” – 24”(41cm-61cm)
RPA40124,000 lbs(1818kg)60”(152cm)12”(31cm)16” – 24”(41cm-61cm)
RPA40184,000 lbs(1818kg)60”(152cm)18”(46cm)16” – 24”(41cm-61cm)
RPA40244,000 lbs(1818kg)60”(152cm)24”(61cm)16” – 24”(41cm-61cm)
RPA60126,000 lbs(2727kg)72”(183cm)12”(31cm)17” – 24”(46cm-64cm)
RPA60186,000 lbs(2727kg)72”(183cm)18”(46cm)17” – 24”(46cm-64cm)
RPA60246,000 lbs(2727kg)72”(183cm)24”(61cm)17” – 24”(46cm-64cm)
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