Air Feeds – Air Operated Press Feeds

Air feeder equipment provides a cost effective solution for coil feeding & processing. Air feeds are suitable for a wide variety of applications, including feeding flat coil or strip stock, wire feeding, dual strip applications, tube feeding, push-pull, and zig-zag.

Our air feed models include the most reliable names in coil processing and press feeding: Press Room Equipment and Rapid-Air.

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PRE Air Feed Equipment

Press Room Equipment Co. LLC,  Air Feeds are fast, precise, and easy to adjust. The feeds use a cable cylinder, mounted underneath the body of the feed, to reduce the overall footprint of the feed.

Dual hydraulic shock cylinders cushion the impact of the feed block for accuracy and wear reduction.  A front mounted, crank operated, stroke adjustment handle with digital readout makes the PRE air feed easy to adjust.

PRE Air Feeds are available in Single Gripper, Double Gripper, and Bridge Gripper Models.  Pull-Thru Straighteners,  Adjustable Height Mounting Cabinets, and many other labor-saving options are also available.

Standard Features

·        Over 240 standard sizes to choose from

·        Fastest, most precise, most compact, and easiest to adjust air feed.

·        Handles materials up to 3/8” thick

·        Crank operated stroke adjustment with digital readout, no-tools required

·        Standard stoke lengths up to 48” and widths to 48”

·        Pull-Thru Straighteners available.

·        Press control feed switch

·        Pilot release circuit

·        120-volt ceramic operating valves

·        Dual Hydraulic shock cushion for accuracy and long life.

·        Longer strokes, special grippers, straighteners and other options are available upon request

Single Gripper air feeder with cabinet option 1

Single Gripper feed with cabinet option

Double gripper air feed

Double gripper feed

High speed air feeder

High speed feed


Rapid-Air Feed

Rapid-Air feeds are compact, affordable, and accurate feeding devices. They are often die or bolster mounted. Material is gripped across the top and moved between positive stops. The rear stop is adjustable providing feed stroke length control. The patented dual air valve system on Rapid-Air’s air feeder equipment provides accurate clamping/feeding sequences to eliminate marring, buckling and distortion.

Rapid-Air air feed

Rapid-Air air feed

The dual valve system uses one valve to actuate the feed and stock clamp, while the other actuates the slide block. Simultaneous valve operation ensures material is always clamped before slide block movement.

Coil stock such as all types of metal, paper, plastic, wire, fabrics, foil, tubing, extruded and preformed shapes can be fed at short and long progressions, and at different production speeds.

  • Feed flat stock up to 16” (406mm) wide, .150” (3.81mm) thick, and in lengths up to 20” (508mm).
  • Pulling capacities of up to 250 pounds (114kg) are available on heavy duty models.
  • Smallest feed is capable of 260 cycles per minute at a 2” (50.8mm) progression and can cycle much faster at shorter progressions.

Air Feed Model Selection

Stock Thickness*2Speed
A21-1/2” (38.1mm)2” (50mm).002” – .040” (.051-1.02mm)26020 lbs (9.1kg)
A41-1/2” (38.1mm)4” (101mm).002” – .040” (.051-1.02mm)20020 lbs (9.1kg)
A61-1/2” (38.1mm)6” (152mm).002” – .040” (.051-1.02mm)16020 lbs (9.1kg)
B22-1/2” (63.5mm)2” (50mm).002” – .040” (.051-1.02mm)23020 lbs (9.1kg)
B42-1/2” (63.5mm)4” (101mm).002” – .035” (.051-0.89mm)17520 lbs (9.1kg)
C33” (76.2mm)3” (76mm).003” – .075” (.076-1.91mm)19545 lbs (20.5kg)
C63” (76.2mm)6” (152mm).003” – .062” (.076-1.57mm)14045 lbs (20.5kg)
C123” (76.2mm)12” (305mm).003” – .062” (.076-1.57mm)8545 lbs (20.5kg)
D34” (101.6mm)3” (76mm).003” – .075” (.076-1.91mm)17545 lbs (20.5kg)
D64” (101.6mm)6” (152mm).003” – .062” (.076-1.57mm)13545 lbs (20.5kg)
W62” (50.8mm)6” (152mm).003” – .090” (.076-2.29mm)140100 lbs (45.5kg)
W122” (50.8mm)12” (305mm).003” – .062” (.076-1.57mm)85100 lbs (45.5kg)
W202” (50.8mm)20” (508mm).003” – .050” (.076-1.27mm)50100 lbs (45.5kg)
F46” (152mm)4” (101mm).004” – .075” (.1-1.91mm)160100 lbs (45.5kg)
F66” (152mm)6” (152mm).004” – .075” (.1-1.91mm)130100 lbs (45.5kg)
F126” (152mm)12” (305mm).004” – .050” (.1-1.27mm)70100 lbs (45.5kg)
F206” (152mm)20” (508mm).004” – .035” (.1-0.89mm)35100 lbs (45.5kg)
H48” (203mm)4” (101mm).004” – .075” (.1-1.91mm)160100 lbs (45.5kg)
H88” (203mm)8” (203mm).004” – .062” (.1-1.57mm)105100 lbs (45.5kg)
FX66” (152mm)6” (152mm).005” – .150” (.13-3.81mm)105145 lbs (66kg)
FX126” (152mm)12” (305mm).005” – .150” (.13-3.81mm)60145 lbs (66kg)
L612” (305mm)6” (152mm).005” – .090” (.13-2.29mm)105145 lbs (66kg)
L1212” (305mm)12” (305mm).005” – .090” (.13-2.29mm)60145 lbs (66kg)
P616” (406mm)6” (152mm).005” – .075” (.13-1.91mm)105145 lbs (66kg)
P1216” (406mm)12” (305mm).005” – .062” (.13-1.57mm)60145 lbs (66kg)
LX1212” (305mm)12” (305mm).005” – .125” (.13-3.18mm)50250 lbs (114kg)

*1 Electric Actuating Valve is recommended for feeds that have stroke length over 8” (203mm).
*2 Thinner materials and/or long strokes with thin materials possible by using anti-buckling guides.
Maximum thickness capacity increases by same percentage as stock width decreases (up to max. of 150%).
*3 Approximate at maximum stroke length. Heavy stock requires slower speeds.
*4 At 100 psi (6.9 bar). (Includes allowance for normal friction of moving parts).

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Production Resources offers rebuild kits and complete parts for all Rapid air feeds and coil handling equipment.

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