Cut To Length Lines & Transfer Press Feed Lines

Cut to length lines produce uniform shear blanks of varying lengths while minimizing scrap. Making blanks in house can often generate rapid paybacks versus buying blanks. Cut to length lines are ideal for Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing

Our cut to length systems, also known as level lines, blanking lines, and shear lines, and can be designed for any combination of material, coil weight, and thickness.

  • material thicknesses from .008" to .250",
  • coil strip widths up to 84",
  • coil weights up to 75,000 pounds,
  • processing speeds up to 80 SPM and 300 FPM
  • oscillating shear dies to fit existing presses for square, rectangular, and shaped blanks
  • coil fed blank lines for transfer presses
  • small cut to length lines for transformer manufacturers

Coe and Sesco have the engineering and build "know how" to meet your exacting requirements! World-class coil handling and feeding equipment have been our key focus for decades.

CTL/Blanking systems have included high-speed production shears, oscillating shear dies and shear presses; inline coil strip washers; edge trimming stations; single and multiple station blank stackers (including cost-effective drop stackers); and a variety of stack handling configurations. Special feature lines such as scratch-free processing or "space-saving" configurations are available, too.

Coe CTL System

Coe CTL System

Coe/SESCO Products Group’s shearing and blanking process can give the customer the advantage of creating trapezoidal blanks (reducing scrap) and developed blanks which enables inline coil to finished product savings and greater profits.

Popular in-line options include edge trimming (with scrap chopper or re-winder) and edge conditioning capabilities. We can handle side-stacking applications or multiple stacking station systems with reject station capabilities that use air and newly-developed magnetic stacking.

Stand-alone oscillating shear dies can be used in a conventional press, and shear dies that use quick-die-change and staging systems in SPG manufactured hydraulic and mechanical presses.


Transfer Press Feed Systems

Coe Press Equipment

The Coe Press Equipment transfer press feed system features a new "space saving" design fits within a 40′ line length requirement. It combines a compact coil line with an oscillating shear press and a blank destacker for processing blanks and coil strip in six unique modes:

Coe Transfer Press Feed System

Coe Transfer Press Feed System

  • square-cut without rotate,
  • trapezoid-cut w/180° rotate,
  • trapezoid-cut w/90° rotate,
  • coil feeding partial progressive to transfer,
  • coil feeding progressive die operations, and
  • developed shaped blanks by destacker

All functions are motorized and positioned by the Job Recipe to simplify and speed set-up.

A Rapid-Air cut-to-length machine combines an air operated stock cutter and a Rapid-Air feed or a programmable Rapid-Roll servo feed with a control system. All of this is mounted in one convenient, easy-to-use, low cost package for use on simple cut-off operations. Coil reels, pallet decoilers, and stock straighteners can be added as required.


Rapid-Air C-T-L system

Rapid-Air C-T-L system

Rapid-Air C-T-L systems are best suited to materials up to 24” wide x .090” thick or .250” diameter round stock. Various part lengths and speeds can be easily accommodated with the servo models providing complete programming of part length up to 999.99” and predetermined part count.

Rapid-Air designs are simple and include a stock reel or pallet decoiler, stock straightener (if required), air feed or servo feed, and blank stacking system. Part lengths and run lengths are programmable. These are affordable and flexible designs that allow manufacturers to produce blanks in house.


Coil Washers & Lubricators

For Coil and Blank Lines

The Coe Sesco Products Group roll type blank washer utilizes 3M non-woven synthetic rolls to provide the optimum washer configuration for the blank cleaning process. The scrubber rolls, pinch rolls and squeegee rolls are made from 3M non-woven synthetic material. All of the rolls are machined to a pre-determined crowned roll profile. These rolls are synchronously driven for positive feeding and consistent speed matching. The pinch rolls, secondary scrubber rolls, and squeegee rolls rotate in the direction of line flow for optimum cleaning and non-marking of sensitive materials. The roll density, crowning profile, and roll pressures are customized for each washer application based on the fluid type, chemistry, and viscosity. Exact film thickness results are dependent on the exact combination of these design variables.

Pinch rolls are provided for positive feeding of material and for sealing the wash chamber. At the wash station low-pressure spray headers are provided both before and after the scrubber rolls, both top and bottom, to aid in rinsing off loosened material. The 3M non-woven synthetic scrubber rolls absorb particulates as the material passes through and provide minor mechanical agitation to the material. The rolls can be opened for blank threading by cylinders.

Coe Sesco Products Group Blank Lubricator

This spray coater is an airless spraying system that can be mounted at the exit side of a blank washer or into a blank destacking system to re-apply drawing lubricant or rust preventative to a blank. Each spray nozzle is individually solenoid controlled allowing customized spray patterns. The spray pattern is controllable through a PLC. Nozzles are arranged to provide an 8.00” [203 mm] wide spray pattern at 100 psi. This spray pattern is based on 10W oil. Actual pattern and pressure will vary based on the viscosity of spray solution. Film thickness applied to the blank is controlled by the rate at which the blank passes through the sprayer. The on-board pump supplies 50 – 150 psi of fluid to the system. An integrated immersion heater is included for 0 – 100 degrees F temperature adjustment.

The frame of the spray lubricator is hinged to provide easy access to the nozzle banks. Urethane covered support rolls are provided for material support. A 2000 cfm mist collection unit and galvanized duct work are included in the sprayer system to help minimize overspray and mist from evaporating into the plant environment.

Coe Coil Washer & Lubricator

Coe Coil Washer & Lubricator

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