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Wintriss Clutch/Brake Power Press Controls

Older press control systems built and designed prior to ANSI B11.1, ANSI B11.19, and OSHA 1910.217 standards may have single point failure modes that could result in control system failures that could cause serious injury. Newer control systems that have undergone undocumented wiring changes may be at similar risk.

Control systems on “hands in die” operations merit special attention. Reliable control systems designed to stop stroking in the event of a single component failure and prevent successive stroking until the failure is corrected are required for operator safety. Brake monitoring systems which detect any decay in braking performance that may compromise operator safety and measure down stroke stopping performance to establish safety distance are of equal importance.

Our Application Engineers have working knowledge of the ANSI power press standards (B11.1) (B11.19) as well as OSHA regulations 1910.212 and 1910.217. They can help you determine if your machines are in compliance and recommend the safest and most productive control and guarding solutions.

See our technical resources article on how to determine if your power press is compliant with current standards: Is your mechanical power press OSHA compliant?

Our OSHA/ANSI compliant resolver based WPC clutch/brake controls are designed to upgrade older clutch/brake controls on air clutch power presses to safe and productive systems. These press controls incorporate features to ensure operator safety and compliance with all standards. They are simple to operate and feature dual microprocessors. The dual processor configuration provides diverse redundancy, control reliability, maximum operator safety, and a host of productivity features.

3rd Party Verifications

Instead of saying “designed to meet”, Wintriss has always felt it important to subject their systems to the toughest third-party certifications. Wintriss Press Controls have undergone independent testing and certifications, and the following has been determined: Every unit meets or exceeds all current regulations for control reliability including OSHA 1910.217, ANSI B11.1-2009, and CSA Z142. The systems are also third-party tested and certified to CSA22.2-0.8 and 22.2-14. WPC’s press controls comply with OSHA 1910.217, ANSI B11.1, ANSI B11.19, CSA Z142 and CSA Z432.

Wintriss resolver
Wintriss resolver

Supervisory stroke selection (keylock) for off, inch, single stroke, and continuous and supervisory hand/foot mode selection are provided at the control panel. Top stop and automatic upstroke timing is electronic, eliminating the need for accessing hard-to-reach mechanical rotary limit switches. Stroke position and optional digital stroke count are also displayed at the operator panel.

The WPC 1000 – A Cost-Effective Solution for Hand-Fed Applications

  • Compact two hand control station with side or top mounted guarded run buttons
  • Interrupted stroke provision automatically reverts to two hand inch which significantly improves pressroom productivity
  • Internal brake monitor checks press-stopping performance, measures stop time, and establishes safe distance
  • Stroke angle/position indication to assist the operator
  • Customized status codes for diagnosis and indication of auxiliary device status
  • Micro-inch capability improves set-up
  • Self-diagnostics identifies control problems
  • Optional 6-digit counter with a preset
  • Optional Shadow®-light curtain provides point-of-operation guarding allowing one hand or foot stroke initiation
  • Optional Foot Switch, One-Hand Control and Bar Modes for maximum flexibility (see Productivity, Safety, and Ergonomic Considerations for Hand-fed Presses, our Technical Resources reference for one-hand control)
  • Motor controls for the main motor, slide adjust motor, and/or lube pump are optional and can be integrated in a common enclosure with the Wintriss WPC system
Wintriss wpc1000
Wintriss wpc1000


WPC 2000 – A Clutch/Brake Control for Single Stroke and Automatic/Continuous Operations

The WPC 2000 can integrate with Wintriss SmartPAC2 press automation controls to provide a safe OSHA/ANSI compliant fully automated press control system.

Like the WPC1000, the WPC 2000 Clutch/Brake Control is an easy-to-use, dual-microprocessor-based system that controls a part revolution clutch mechanical power press. The WPC2000 is designed for full integration with the Wintriss SmartPAC PRO press automation control. The full press control and automation control system provides OSHA/ANSI compliant clutch/brake control, programmable limit switch functions, electronic brake monitoring, die protection, load monitoring, shut height control, counterbalance control, servo feed interface, production reporting, unlimited job storage, and more.

Wintriss wpc2000
Wintriss wpc2000
  • Interrupted stroke provision significantly improves pressroom productivity.
  • Internal brake monitor checks press-stopping performance and safety distance calculation.
  • Two hand control, automatic single stroke, and continuous on demand provisions
  • Stroke position indication.
  • Customized status codes installed by user Micro-inch capability improves set-up.
  • Self-diagnostics identifies control problems.
  • Can be integrated with SmartPAC® 1, 2 or PRO for greater ease of use.
  • Optional Shadow®-light curtain provides point-of-operation guarding.
  • Optional Foot Switch, One-Hand Control, External Trip, and Bar Modes for maximum flexibility
  • Optional Auxiliary E-Stop Relay Outputs for stopping or preventing from starting up to three auxiliary devices like a feed or a transfer if any e-stop button is pressed, any light curtain is interrupted or any cross-checked input is open.
  • Optional motor controls for main motor, slide adjust, lube motor, etc.
  • Servo feed interface to automatically set servo feeds by job number.
  • Control provisions to establish minimum/maximum allowable press speeds.
  • Motor controls for the main motor, slide adjust motor, and/or lube pump are optional and can be integrated in a common enclosure with the Wintriss WPC system.

The WPC Option 2 Module features 20 user-configurable inputs (in addition to the 7 already present in the WPC 2000) that can be used to monitor ancillary press functions such as: guard interlocks, feed status, and transfer status.

  • 20 additional user-defined inputs
  • 4 additional pairs of user-defined cross-checked safety inputs
  • Hydraulic overload control
  • Flywheel brake control
  • Motor current readout (if equipped with an optional sensor)
  • Lube system control optional
  • Variable speed motor control optional

Custom Wintriss Control Panels

PRI also provides custom press mounted controls, floor consoles, or panels with consolettes. We begin by making an assessment of your pressroom space constraints and press control specifications. We then determine the optimal solution to fully integrate your clutch / brake controls or motor control equipment into a comprehensive control panel.

Wintriss console
Wintriss console

Motor-Control Panel Options

  • Forward and reversing starter main motor
  • Slide adjust starters
  • Lube pump contactors or starters
  • Soft starters
  • Variable speed drives – eddy current or inverters
  • PLC interfaces
  • Fused disconnects
  • Control transformers

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