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Pax Die Doors

Pax die doors enclose the point of operation on mechanical power presses to contain fluids and flying objects. They are also act as interlocked barrier guards when fully closed.

If you’re concerned with the overall safety aspect of your press room and are having problems with containing and controlling die lubricant around your press then consider Pax Die Doors as a part of the solution. Like Pax lubrication systems and low profile conveyors, Pax Die Doors were developed by the Pax stamping division.

Die Door Features

  • Windows provide excellent visibility to the point of operation and are easily replaceable.
  • Interlock switches interface with the press control system to prevent continuous or single stroke operation when the door is open.
  • Die lubricant troughs catch excess lubricant and provide a capture location at the base of the die door.
  • Easy open spring loaded low tension T-handle for manual doors engages latch and safety pins.
  • Machined channel and delrin rollers provide guidance and smooth operation.


  • Press Operators friendly – simple to operate, lightweight doors made for easy opening and closing.
  • Die Maintenance & Set-up – doors install close to the press to allow personnel easy access for maintenance and set-up of dies.
  • Facility Maintenance – doors have no lubrication requirements and are designed to be easily removed in the event that the press requires repair or maintenance.
  • Company – doors are designed for quick and simple installation. They also assist in controlling die lubricants and provide a point-of-operation barrier.


Manual Doors

The standard Pax Die Door is non-acoustical, manually operated, and requires very little effort to open and close. It provides an interlocked point-of-operation safety barrier and is designed to assist with containing and controlling die lubricants.

Pax manual die door
Pax manual die door

Air Assisted Doors

Pax air assisted die doors can be designed with an air cylinder to assist in the operation of the door. By adding a single air cylinder, the Pax door may be controlled via a switch. By utilizing the counter balance weights in conjunction with the air cylinder, minimal air pressure is required for operating the door. This option may be required for larger press applications and applications that are too high for the operator to completely open and close the door manually.

Acoustical Doors

Pax offers an acoustical die door option for those companies concerned with noise associated with stamping presses.

Pax acoustical die door
Pax Acoustical Die Door

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