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Wintriss ProPAC

Analog Die Protection for In-Die Quality Control

The Wintriss ProPAC in-die measurement system is designed to work with any existing Wintriss SmartPAC system.

ProPAC allows you to make in die part measurements, which provides real time process and quality control. The system will handle a variety of analog sensors, including: LVDT Gage Head, Inductive Analog Proximity, Pressure, LVDT, Current and Temperature. Control limits can be set as high, low, set manual or set automatically with user defined percentages. All limits are stored via tool number.

Wintress propac diagram
Wintress ProPAC Diagram

Typical ProPAC configuration showing ProPAC with enclosure and HD19 connector. ProPAC connects to HDP die mounted sensor connection using an HD19 cable.

Actual parts dimensions can be monitored and displayed. Set up to 8 different parameters (optional 16) including:

  • Angle and part height
  • Draw depth Material thickness
  • Feed length Temperature
  • Nitrogen & lube pressure
  • Electric current
  • Press bearing temperature **
  • Main motor load current
  • Die shut height

** Bearing temperature monitoring requires that thermocouple sensors be mounted close to the heat source. Each sensor will require additional signal conditioning. The signal conditioner will provide the proper input to ProPAC. In order for ProPAC to display temperature in actual degrees a calibration process is required. This involves measuring the temperature at the sensor location during normal operation.

ProPAC also allows you to:

  • Divert out of limit parts to scrap
  • Stop the press if too many bad parts are made
  • Monitor conventional die protection events using typical on/off sensors with NPN or PNP outputs
  • Interface with external devices

Other parameters are available. Sensors are connected through a die plug with each die, allowing for quick set up times. The sensor inputs are then processed through the ProPAC Sensor Interface (PSI) similar to the DiPro Sensor Interface (DSI).


SmartPAC/ProPAC Typical Screen Images

Smartpac/propac typical screen images
SmartPAC/ProPAC typical screen images
Smartpac/propac typical screen images
SmartPAC/ProPAC typical screen images

Analog Sensors


  • Linear Variable Displacement Transformer
  • Consists of a housing and a movable core
  • Provides an output that is proportional to the distance that the core is iserted into the housing
Propac lvdt analog sensor
ProPAC LVDT Analog Sensor


ProPAC Analog Proximity Sensor

  • Also called "Inductive Gaging Sensor"
  • Produces an invisible sensing field that detects metallic objects
  • Output is proportional to the sensor-to-target distance
Propac analog proximity sensor
ProPac Analog Proximity Sensor

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