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Press Room Accessories

Production Resources distributes a complete line press room accessories to improve the metal stamping process. The accessories complement our complete line of presses, feeds, automation equipment, quick die change, point of operation guarding, and conveying equipment. Our press room accessories include: hydraulic shock dampers, stock/scrap cutters, die lights, shock/vibration mounts, rotary limit switches (cam switches), and stock nibblers.

Our accessories line can help you reduce press damage and press repair cost, better handle scrap and recapture scrap material value, improve die setup, and optimize press operation.

Our Application Engineers are available to provide you personal assistance in selecting the right press room equipment to make your parts efficiently and safely. We have a qualified team with extensive experience in metal stamping.


W-Technologies Shock Dampers

W-Technologies Hydraulic shock dampers to prevent/control press snap through shock loads; thereby, reducing expensive press repair and downtime.

W-technologies shock dampers
W-Technologies Shock Dampers

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Rapid-Air Stock Cutter

Rapid-Air stock cutters/choppers for cutting coil stock and skeleton stock at the end of a progressive die or similar process. Our flat or round stock cutters can also be integrated into a complete cut to length line or integrated with existing equipment to complete a cut to length or cut off operation.

Rapidair stock cutters
RapidAir Stock Cutters

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Colt Press Equipment Heavy-Duty Hydraulic and Pneumatic Shears

Colt Press Equipment heavy duty hydraulic and pneumatic shears handle cut-to-length and scrap chopping applications. These shears are custom designed to suit specific application needs. They are available to cut mild steel and other metals at widths ranging from 24″ to 84″ at material thickness to up to .250″.

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Inmark Dur-A-Lite

Our Inmark die lights are ideal for increasing visibility at the point of operation to assist in setup, trouble shooting, and die maintenance. The die lights are available in a variety of sizes and optional magnetic mounts. They are easily located in place and are shock and lubricant tolerant.

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Vibro/Dynamics Mounts

Vibro/Dynamics shock, vibration, and leveling mounts are designed for power presses and similar machines. Leveling the press prevents stressing the frame and other drive components. This reduces maintenance, increases press life, and often results in improved part quality. The shock mounts also reduce the amount of shock and noise transmitted to surrounding areas and structures.

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