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Pneumatic and Hydraulic Scrap Choppers & Stock Cutters

Rapid-Air Stock Cutters and Scrap Choppers

Rapid-Air offers a full range of pneumatic stock cutters / scrap choppers that provide outstanding application flexibility and efficiency in handling your routine or specialty shearing and cut-to-length jobs. Choose from a small pivoting arm model for light gauge material up to a cutter that exerts 8,000 lbs (3636kg) of force for 24″ (610mm) wide flat stock. Cutters can be a stand-alone press or base-mounted unit, or part of a fully synchronized cut-to-length system.


Rapidair stock cutters
RapidAir Stock Cutters

Rapid-Air stock cutters are electrically actuated and timed to the press or machine cycle by a rotary limit switch, programmable limit switch, or similar device. The cutters can be fitted with a proximity switch to indicate when a cut has been completed.

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