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DSI 2 Sensor Interface & Connection Hardware Solutions

Optimize Your Automation with the DSI 2 Sensor Interface

Effortless Integration:
Connect DSI 2 electronic and electromechanical sensors seamlessly with Wintriss SmartPAC® and DiPro 1500 systems.

Key Features:

  • Quick-Connect Plugs: Up to eight electronic sensors with optional electromechanical sensor compatibility.
  • Powerful Built-in Supply: Ensures ample power for all sensors.
  • Easy Troubleshooting: LED indicators for each sensor.
    Wintriss dsi 2 sensor interface
    Wintriss dsi 2 sensor interface


  • The optional HD19 or QDP™ Quick Die plugs on the bottom of the enclosure let you connect up to eight die-mounted sensors to the DSI 2 with one cable. This speeds setup and virtually eliminates errors caused by mis-wiring.
  • Built-in pulse stretching on inputs 1-4 allow the die protection control to detect very fast signals (from air ejected parts) that might ordinarily be missed.
  • Compact size makes it easy to mount almost anywhere


HD19 Kit:

Reduce setup time and prevent sensor wiring errors with a robust 19-pin connector and heavy-duty cables. Extend sensor life by minimizing cable damage.

The HD19 Kit enables you to connect up to eight die-mounted sensors to your DSI2 Sensor Interface with one heavy duty cable, reducing setup time and virtually eliminating sensor wiring errors during setup.

Wintriss hd19 kit
Wintriss hd19 kit

The HD19 kit also helps to extend sensor life by eliminating the number-one cause of sensor failure: damaged cables. When die-mounted sensors have to be plugged into a press-mounted interface box, it is necessary to keep long sensor cables coiled up on the die. Often, these cables are damaged while the die is being handled. With the HD19 Kit, the main cable stays with the press, and sensor cables on the die are kept as short as possible.

The HD19 Kit is designed to be installed in a user-supplied, die-mounted enclosure. The kit consists of a circuit board with a 19-pin heavy-duty connector on one side and a terminal strip with removable connector on the other side. HDP cables are available in 5, 10, and 15 foot lengths and must be ordered separately. HD19 Box is also available which includes a cast enclosure ready for die mounting – see below.



The QDP kit works the same as the HD19 kit but is less robust with a lighter duty connector, uses different cables, and looks slightly different.

The kit consists of:

  • A PC board
  • 12 pin connector
  • Removable terminal strips designed to be mounted in a die mounted enclosure provided by the user (QDP Box including an enclosure also available – see below.
  • QDP cables are available in 5, 10, and 15 foot lengths.
Wintriss qdp kit
Wintriss qdp kit


Heavy duty in die HD19-IDB and QDP-IDB sensor box

Heavy duty in die QDP-IDB or HDP-IDB sensor box mounts a QDP or HDP kit in a cast aluminum box ready for die mounting. The box has a cover seal and sensor feed through connections at each end.

Heavy duty in die hd19-idb and qdp-idb sensor box
Heavy duty in die hd19-idb and qdp-idb sensor box

Pdf icon Download In-Die Sensor Interconnection Box for more detailed information on box dimensions and pricing


SV40 sensor connector

This male connector is used to connect electronic sensors to a Wintriss DSI2 sensor interface, DiPro1500 die protection control, or any similar device with a matching female connector. Customer to wire sensor to connector. PRI typically has these connectors.

Sv40 sensor connector
Sv40 sensor connector

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