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Die and Mold Splitters

Die Splitters or Separators

Die splitters (or die separators) provide a safe and efficient method of separating dies or molds and allow for safe handling of them during maintenance.


A die handler helps make die set inspection a fast and safe one-man operation. Hansford die handlers are intended to facilitate rapid and safe tool inspection, repair, and tryout. They eliminate the hazards of slipping and jamming when disassembling or re-assembling at die. Die splitters increase your tool room productivity by enabling one man to separate, service and try-out valuable dies. The Hansford die splitter eliminates using chain hoists, lead mallets, and two or three toolmakers to separate and service dies.

Green Valley

Green Valley die splitters can be custom designed to suit your specific needs.

Titan 2288 – 8,000 lbs Capacity


  •  adjustable upper T-slots
  • open upper frame design
  • VFD motor control
  • die lifters for side loading
  • upper deck rotates 180 degrees

Titan 2643 12,000 lbs Capacity


  • Power Transfer To/From Load/Unload Table
  • Powered Centering Feature
  • Push-button Operator Controls
  • Allows Removal of Base and Inverted Upper Die
  • Allows Safe Reassembly after Removal and Servicing of Die Halves
  • PLC Controls

Titan 2661 14,000 lbs Capacity


  • 110V hydraulic power
  • precision machined bolster with “T” slots
  • crane loaded for horizontal die/mold separation

Titan 3120 30,000 lbs Capacity


  • Splits a 30,000 lb. Die
  • Allows Lower Half to be Removed
  • Inverts and Lowers Upper Half for Removal, as well
  • Reassembles Die after Servicing
  • Docking Feature for Green Valley Die Cart



Green Valley Die and Mold Splitters Titan 173816 Horizontal Mold Splitter


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