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Slug, Scrap Removal & Material Handling Conveyor Systems

Production Resources specializes in low profile belted, cleated, beltless magnetic, steel hinge belt, wire mesh belt, telescoping, and oscillating/shaker conveyors. Applications include: slug and scrap removal, part handling, automation, food products, packaging, pharmaceutical, and general purpose conveying applications. We offer a comprehensive line of belted and beltless conveyor systems from: Dorner, Magnetic Products Inc., New London, Omni-Metalcraft, and PAX Products.

Our Application Engineers are available to provide you with personal assistance to select the best conveyor for your job. If you know what you want and need quick price and delivery on standard conveyors or parts our customer service personnel can often give you a quote over the phone.


Dorner Low Profile Flat & Cleated Belt Conveyors

Dorner has been a manufacturer of high quality industrial conveyors since 1973. Dorner belted and plastic chain flat and cleated belt conveyors are available in a wide variety of standard quick delivery models. Belt widths from 2” to 60” and lengths from 2’ to 100’ (depending on model) are available in varying load capacities and speeds. End drive and center drive models in fixed or variable speeds are available.

  • Low Profile Flat Belts – designed to fit into tight spaces. Dorner originated low profile conveyors, and is still the leading manufacturer of low profile conveyors in the world. Series 2200, 4200, and 6200
  • Cleated Belts – cleated conveyors are available in belt or plastic chain style. Known for their durability and cleat spacing accuracy, Dorner cleated belts provide an unmatched level of product control.
  • Plastic Chain Belt – plastic chain conveyor systems allow you to transport material around curves and are ideal for material handling applications requiring drainage or air flow.
  • Adjustable Angle Conveying Systems – ideal for indexing applications requiring inclines or elevations. Adjustable angle conveying systems are commonly used in packaging, plastic molding, and metal stamping and forming.
Photo of dorner low profile flat & cleated belt conveyors
Dorner Low Profile Flat & Cleated Belt Conveyors

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MPI – Magnetic Products Belted & Beltless Conveyors

Magnetic Products Inc. is a leading manufacturer of magnetic and non-magnetic conveyor material handling systems. MPI utilizes industrial magnet technology in belted and beltless shaker, magnetic, and indexing conveyors.

Photo of mpi – magnetic products belted & beltless conveyors
MPI – Magnetic Products Belted & Beltless Conveyors


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New London Engineering – Steel Hinge Belt & Heavy Duty Belted Conveyors

For over 50 years New London Engineering has provided the most cost-effective, durable conveyor equipment in the business.

  • Slider Belt Conveyors
  • Cleated Belt Parts Conveyor
  • Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors
  • SteelTrak Steel Hinge Belt Conveyors
Photo of nle – steel hinge belt & heavy duty belted conveyors
NLE – Steel Hinge Belt & Heavy Duty Belted Conveyors

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Pax Low Profile Slug Removal & Elliptical Gear Drive Oscillating Conveyors

The Pax low-profile conveyors are designed to fit into spaces that many other conventional conveyors won’t. These conveyors are uniquely designed and built to withstand even the toughest metal stamping environments.

Photo of pax low profile conveyor
Pax Low Profile Conveyor

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