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Production Resources Application Engineers can help you with your metal stamping conveying requirements. We have expertise with under die scrap, slug, and part handling as well as part removal and transport applications. Call us for personal assistance to select the right low profile, drum motor, or electric shaker conveyor to meet your needs.

We offer a comprehensive line of low-profile, under-die slug conveyors and parts handling conveyors from Pax Products.

2018 Pax Bulletin – PAX Bulletin 550


Under-Die Slug Removal Conveyor

Pax conveyor die set illustration
Pax conveyor die set illustration

The “low-profile” conveyor design enables it to fit where many conveyors will not.  Specifically designed for on-bolster, under-die part and scrap removal, the patented conveyors are built to survive the rough metal stamping environment.

The standard drive arrangement is designed for the motor end of the conveyor to set on the bolster, inside the bed area of the press. This eliminates the need for extra guarding and does not interfere with existing guarding. Other optional drive arrangements include:

  • Inverted drive (motor is below the belt)
  • Extended top drive (motor is above the belt and parts pass below the motor)
  • Right-angled drives

Designed to hang over the end of the bolster, the standard tension end is only 2.5” high. An optional flush mount tension end is available for applications where the tension end must lay flat on the bolster.

Photo of pax low profile conveyor
Pax Low Profile Conveyor

Pax Low Profile Conveyor


  • 3/8” Belt Height
  • 2.5” Clearance
  • Long Belt Life
  • Resistance to Die Lube

Drive Types:

  • Standard Drive
  • Inverted Drive
  • Extended Top Drive
  • Right Angle Drive
Pax inverted drive / pax right angle drive
Pax inverted drive / Pax right angle drive

Pax inverted drive / Pax right angle drive

Additional Options

  • Stopped Belt Sensor
  • Belt Wiper
  • Flush Mount Tension End
  • Adjustable Stands
  • U-Shaped Tray
  • Urethane Belting
  • Variable Speed
  • Special Lengths
  • Grease Gun

Pax EGD Oscillating “Shaker” Conveyors

Pax egd conveyors
Pax EGD Conveyors

Pax EGD Conveyors

The Pax EGD conveyor is an electrically driven, oscillating type conveyor that utilizes a motorized, elliptical gear drive (EGD) to produce a reciprocating, varying acceleration motion that conveys parts and scrap out of the press area. Utilizing elliptical gears provides an extremely reliable, high torque design that has 4 times the acceleration rate of a standard linkage design. This higher acceleration provides a higher conveying speed at a lower motor speed, which results in increased unit life. Other key features of this product include:

  • No air consumption
  • No springs
  • Quick and easy tray attachment
  • Flexible mounting arrangement

Standard System Features Include:

•   No Air Consumption

The EGD conveyor is electrically driven which means that it does not have the high operating costs and on going maintenance issues that are associated with many air driven conveyors.

•   Conveying Speed of Up to 25 Feet Per Minute

On air driven conveyors, the user will typically reduce the conveyor’s speed to the absolute minimal acceptable level for each application in an effort to reduce air usage and to extend air seal life. However, since these are not relevant issues on an electrically driven conveyor, the EGD conveyor is designed to run at the fixed speed that has been determined to be its ideal conveying speed.

•   Flexible Mounting Arrangement

There are four (4) 3/8”– 16 tapped holes located on the bottom of the EGD unit that can be utilized to attach the unit to one of Pax Products optional mounting brackets or to any other type of mounting arrangement.

•   Quick and Easy Tray Attachment

Trays are attached to the EGD Conveyor cross bar via quick connect brackets. These brackets, which are machined from Acetal material, are bolted to the sides of the conveyor tray and the tray then simply snaps in place over the round portion of the conveyor cross bar.

•   Low Maintenance

The EGD conveyor utilizes no springs and requires no ongoing maintenance. Refer to following section for more details on the system construction.

System Construction and Specifications:

Elliptical Drive

The EGD conveyor is driven by a set of elliptical (non-circular) gears. The first elliptical gear, which is driven at a constant speed by an electric motor, drives a second elliptical gear at a continuously changing speed. The two gears are in constant rolling contact and are bathed in oil inside of a sealed gear box. This design provides a maintenance free, high torque, varying speed transmission that provides an excellent conveying motion for the attached trays.

Guiding System

The conveyor crossbar is guided by four linear, sealed for life bearings that are spaced as far apart as possible in both the right-to-left and front-to-back directions. Although the bearings are sealed for life, Pax has arranged them so it is possible for the customer to easily grease them (at their discretion), which will further extend the bearing life in severe operating conditions.

Cross Bar

The rigidly designed steel crossbar can be provided in different length as defined in the option section of this proposal.

Quick Connect Tray Mounting Brackets

Each EGD conveyor is provided with three sets of quick connect tray mounting brackets. Each set includes two machined Acetal brackets and four ¼”-20 carriage bolts with nuts and washers. Additional bracket sets can be purchased as described in the options portion of this proposal.

Pax egd conveyors
Pax EGD Conveyors

Pax EGD Conveyors

The EGD conveyor is currently available in three sizes, which are rated based on the total tray weight (this does not include the weight of the parts and scrap on the trays).

EGD-50: can hold up to 50 lbs of tray weight PLUS parts
EGD-125: can hold up to 125 lbs of tray weight PLUS parts
EGD-250: can hold up to 250 lbs of tray weight PLUS parts
EGDF Floor Mount Conveyor up to 500 lbs of parts and scrap


EGD-50 Specifications

Cross Bar Length: Standard Lengths are 18”, 24”, 30”, and 36”
Max. Total Tray Weight: 50 pounds not including parts and scrap.
Max. Part/Scrap Weight: 100 lbs (not including Trays)
Control: No control is required. Unit plugs directly into a 3-pronged, 120V outlet


Cross Bar Length: Standard Lengths are 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”, 60”, 72” and 84”
Max. Total Tray Weight: 125 pounds.
Max. Part/Scrap Weight: 250 lbs (not including Trays)
Dimensions of Drive Unit: 7″ High x 20″ Wide x 15″ Deep
Weight of Drive Unit: 95 pounds (not including cross bar, options, or packaging)
Control: Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is remotely mounted.
Motor Type: 3/8 hp AC, Gear motor


Slug Shield

To help reduce small slugs and dirt from getting into the conveyor unit, a stainless steel plate is attached to the bottom of the conveyor crossbar and the plate (shield) moves with the crossbar. This plate extends beyond all four sides of the conveyor, completely shielding the top surface of the EGD unit.

T- Slot Type Mounting Brackets

Several sizes and types of brackets are available, contact Pax for further details.

Pax egd-125
Pax EGD-125

Pax EGD-125

Pax egd-125 with tray
Pax EGD-125 with Tray

Pax EGD-125 with Tray



Cross Bar Length: Standard Lengths are 6’ to 16’ in 6” increments
Max. Total Tray Weight: 250 pounds not including parts and scrap
Dimensions of Drive Unit: 12″ High x 72″ Wide x 18″ Deep
Control: Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is remotely mounted.
Motor Type: 3/4 hp AC, Gear motor

Pax 25-edg-250
Pax 25-EDG-250

EGD-F Floor Mount Conveyor Electrical Specifications:

This conveyor is designed to be a cost-effective alternative to the typical hinged belt and/or magnetic conveyors.  The design allows it to be mounted below a press and it will operate a single conveying tray that will convey material away from the conveyor drive.

  • 500 pound scrap weight
  • Speed up to 25 fpm at 100 cycles per minute
  • Maximum tray width 4” – max length 30’
  • One piece tray instead of a belt eliminates expensive belt replacement and the potential for small scrap to get stuck
  • Ability to move magnetic and non-magnetic materials
  • Entire assembly mounted on a common base with tray size suited to the application
  • Elliptical drive mechanism attached to one side of the base
  • VFD drive

The Pax floor mount conveyor is often used in conjunction with a cleated belt conveyor to move scrap from floor level to a scrap bin.

Pax egd 250 floor mount conveyor
Pax EGD 250 Floor Mount Conveyor

Pax EGD 250 Floor Mount Conveyor

Paxegd-250 vfd drive
axEGD-250 VFD Drive

PaxEGD-250 VFD Drive

Pax Drum Motor Conveyors

The Pax Model DMC “Drum Motor” Conveyor is designed for removing parts and scrap from dies. This low-maintenance conveyor utilizes a geared motor hermetically sealed inside a steel cylindrical tube. This technology eliminates the need for chains, sprockets and external motors.

Pax drum motor conveyors
Pax Drum Motor Conveyors

Pax Drum Motor Conveyors


  • Sealed Drum Motor for Reduced Maintenance
  • 15” to 46” Belt Width for Handling Various Size Parts
  • 2” Overall Belt Height for Reduced Clearance Requirements
  • Durable Stainless Steel Laced Belt
  • Quick and Simple Belt Change
  • Easy Belt Tensioning and Tracking
  • 460 volt/3 Phase Motor
  • Lengths up to 10 Feet

Magnetic Products Inc. Telescoping Extendable Conveyor

The Magnetic Products telescoping conveyor is particularly suited to unloading stampings through the window of a straight side power press.

Magnetic products telescoping extendable conveyor
MPI Telescoping Extendable Conveyor

Magnetic Products Telescoping Extendable Conveyor

Features include:

  • Manual or powered extension and retraction with lengths to suit
  • Belt Type: width and composition to suit application; cut resistant belts available
  • Supports Stands: for independent adjustment of infeed and exit ends
  • Frame of Conveyor: 10-gauge formed side frames; welded and powder coated construction
  • Total Live Load: to suit application
  • Controls: Remote Pedestal with emergency stop, Start/Stop for belt, Speed Control, Power On Indicator, Joy Stick for boom extension and Up/Down Adjustments of support stand

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